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It thus spells out responsibilities and duties of the job in question. After the preparation of a job description, it can serve as a base for interviewing potential…
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Human Resource Management PT 4
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Essay: Human Resource Management Importance of job s A job basically summarizes the training, education and skills required by a prospective employee. It thus spells out responsibilities and duties of the job in question. After the preparation of a job description, it can serve as a base for interviewing potential candidates, orientation of new employees, and eventually evaluation of job performance. Thus utilizing job descriptions is an aspect of good management. A job description simply is important since it contains the following components; a summary statement which basically states the duties of the employee and mentions the person whom the employee will report to. Secondly it states the functions of the advertised position, this is usually the lengthy part and details what the job really is all about and can be quite particular .The third importance is that it contains attributes that are required for that particular job and provides some of the insights into what kind of work environment an employee is trying to maintain. This part also details any educational or technical requirements that may be desired or important (Philip, 1989).
The fourth importance of a job description is that it stipulates clearly particulars on the one to report to and organizational structure. The fifth importance specifies the criteria for evaluation and helps clarify what is really important both for the employee and the organization. The sixth importance helps the employee understand the type and span of compensation including the benefits to be derived from the post and finally the seventh importance is all about physical surroundings and location of the place of work. Apart from the above, job descriptions also assist organizations to better understand the skill base and experience required to improve the victory of the company. They assist in recruiting, hiring, evaluating and possible termination of employees. Job descriptions are valuable because they save time, are useful in aspects of labor management and as crucial references if an applicant, government or employee agency disputes a hiring or some additional employment decision (Sharon, 2008).
Job description for a registered nurse
A sample job description of my previous job is that of a registered nurse and is as follows; identification of patient care needs by establishment of personal rapport with possible and real patients and other individuals in a capacity to comprehend care needs. Establishment of a compassionate atmosphere by provision of emotional, spiritual and psychological support to patients, families and friends. Promotion of patient’s autonomy by establishment of patient care objectives: teaching patient, family and friends to be aware of medication, the condition, answering questions and self-care skills. Assuring quality of care by adherence to therapeutic principles; measurement of health results against patient care objectives and standards and recommending essential adjustments. Resolution of patient issues and requirements by utilization of multidisciplinary group strategies. The qualifications and skills required for this post include; clinical skills, infection control, bedside manner, nursing skills, administering medication, physiological knowledge, medical teamwork, listening, multi-tasking, health promotion and maintenance as well as verbal communication. This job description lacked pertinent areas of my job such as whom to report to, my apparent benefits and the time that I was supposed to be working. I felt that to me it was not adequate and had to request for the above three critical areas to be included in my job description. If I were a human resource practitioner, I would be able to know if the candidate applying for the position is qualified to perform the job by asking him/her questions that are related to the line of job s/he is interviewing for. This would allow us to have a healthy discussion about the requirements of the job and from the way s/he answers the questions asked, I would be able to deduce his/her proficiency in the said job (Rebecca, 2007).
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