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As job responsibilities become increasingly complex to address changing demands in the external global environment, organizations have deemed it relevant to find…
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Human Resource Management PT 1
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Human Resources Management PT al Affiliation Human Resources Management PT Introduction The management of human resources in organizations is considered of paramount importance in contemporary settings. As job responsibilities become increasingly complex to address changing demands in the external global environment, organizations have deemed it relevant to find people who match specifically defined tasks and requirements. As such, human resources management (HRM) is significant as it facilitates undertaking relevant functions, such as job organization, acquisition, maintenance, and development of human resources (Martires, 2004). Likewise, as emphasized by Mueller & Baum (2011), “labor, like all organizational resources, is highly dependent on supply and demand of human talent in different occupations, professions and industries” (p. 140). The current discourse hereby aims to identify and discuss HRM concerns, such as organizational restructuring, staffing and selection, and other relevant HR issues in the healthcare setting.
The Impact of Organizational Restructuring in Healthcare Organizations
Restructuring in organizations are undertaken for varied purposes. Some organizations restructure to accommodate increased or specialized functions, departments, or divisions. Others deem that restructuring is needed to address inefficiencies and to minimize costs. In the study on restructuring, the authors revealed that it has the potential effects of leading to repercussive resignations, low morale from remaining staff, perceptions of insecurity, mistrust to management, low performance and productivty (Duffield and OBrien-Pallas 2002; Duffield, Kearin, Johnson, & Leonard, 2007).
The Impact of Decreasing Number of Employees
When organizations decide to decrease the number of employees, the impact could be
measured in terms of apparent effects on cost versus performance or productivity of the remaining workers, in the long-run (Bowes, 2009). According to Cascio (2009), downsizing has the following effects: “lost business as a result of fewer salespeople; lack of new products since there are fewer R&D staff members; (and) reduced productivity when high performers leave as morale decreases” (p. 1). As such, decreasing the number of employees does not always save an organization money because the organization would be incurring additional costs associated with hiring, training new personnel, and maintaining the current pool of human resources in a motivated and highly productive manner through the use of motivational techniques.
Selecting a “Qualified Person” for a Position/ Successful Leader in Healthcare
Selecting a qualified person for a position necessitates application of acquisition strategies. The organization should have a well-designed job organization system that defines job positions according to qualifications of potential candidates versus the tasks and responsibilities required. As such, selection comes after a screening process where good and qualified applicants are sifted from the pool of recruits and only those who match the requirements of the organization in the most appropriate fit would be considered duly qualified for position (Martires, 2004). A successful leader could be selected from within the health care organization through promotions along the ranks or, if none is available from internal sources, a leader could be selected from external sources (Martires, 2004). The responsibilities required from the leader should be carefully and accurately identified, according to job description and specification. Potential leaders who match skills, competencies, and requirements of the job would be deemed fit to match the needs of the health care environment.
Relevant Human Resource Issues in the Healthcare Setting
Other relevant HR issues in the health care setting are found to include the following: (1) addressing expected shortfalls in health care practitioners, specifically nurses; (2) compliance with updated and new standards in health care; and (3) training and orienting on technological applications required of the profession (Pizzi, 2011). These concerns are related to issues on acquisition of human resources, as well as on maintenance and development functions.
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