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HRM and Personal Practice Report - Essay Example

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In the long term, I wish I would be able to concentrate on a specific task and to identify those aspects of HRM that are most difficult to be fully understood…
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HRM and Personal Practice Report
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Extract of sample "HRM and Personal Practice Report"

Download file to see previous pages In the short term, I would like to complete successfully my studies in HRM at Cardiff Met and have to get a Bachelor degree with a minimum classification of Second Class Honors Upper Division. In the long term, I will continue my studies in HRM filed through a post-graduate specifically in Master of Science program at Manchester University, which could help me to enhance my skills in HRM.
One of the positive attributes of the presentation is that it has a good introduction, which serves the purpose of preparing the audience for what to expect in the course of the presentation. Similarly, the presentation makes it easy for the audience to have a clear understanding of the content. This is achieved by defining of strategic HRM terms used in the course of the presentation. Seemingly, the presentation was thoroughly researched on, as reference materials are included at the end. Another positive attribute of the presentation is the fact that the recommendations that have been outlined at the end of the report are related to the content that has been discussed in the course of the presentation. Over and above, it is imperative to acknowledge that the structure of the presentation is ideal. This is supported by the fact that the slides are well organized and that the content is well presented.
In as much as the presentation appears to be the finest article, it fails to meet the expectations at some instances. For example (Dennis, 2006) that is referred to in, the presentation has not been properly cited. In as much as the research has covered most of the aspects of strategic HRM, it has failed to give examples of institutions whenever necessary.
If I were to repeat the task, I would develop the presentation by giving specific examples of organizations that have implemented the strategic aspects of HRM successfully or unsuccessfully. Similarly, I would make the presentation clear and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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