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Introduction 3
Relationship of HRM to Traditional Practice of Personnel Management 3
Relationship of HRM to Traditional Practice of IR (Industrial relations) 5
Organization Structure and Practice of Bank Muscat 6
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Bank Muscat is one of the leading financial institutions that offer a wide range of financial services. The main financial services provided by the bank includes: asset management, speculation banking, commercial banking, secretive banking, trade banking and treasury. In addition, Bank Muscat also has international branches in the different countries of the world (Bank Muscat. 2012).
In this paper, the relationship of traditional practice of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations to Human Resource Management would be discussed effectively in context of Bank Muscat. In addition, organization structure and the practice of the bank would also be identified properly in order to accomplish strategic objectives of this research paper. Apart from this, Bank Muscat’s HR activities would also be accessed in relation to human resource development. Finally, effective recommendations to improve the HR activities would also be discussed in relation to Bank Muscat.
Additionally, for this assignment, a questionnaire would also be prepared to collect the important information as well as data. This information would be collected from the employees of Bank Muscat. This data would be more beneficial and significant to improve the understanding the relationship between the HRM and traditional practices of PM and IR. ...
The traditional practices of human resources management includes: planning personnel needs, conducting job analyses, selecting the right people for the job i.e. recruitment, orienting and training, appraising performance and communicating with employees at all levels of administration (Price, 2007). There is a strong relation among the HRM and traditional practice of personnel management. For instance, as per the HRM front line managers are more accountable for managing the people within the organization. On the other hand, traditional activities of the human resource management provide necessary advice and support services to enable managers to carry out their responsibilities (Armstrong, 2006). Iit is also identified that, practices of personnel management as well as HRM flow from the business strategies of the organization (Miller, 2007). Along with this, it should also be noted down that HRM and the personnel management deals with the same level of challenges in the multinational organization. On the other hand, both the HRM activities influence personnel management direly or indirectly. For instance, both personnel management and HRM are fretful with providing the employees and organization personnel’s with appropriate compensations and benefits (Needle, 2004). This is one of the vital areas of employee management as no employee will works for free for any organization. In addition, both the approaches have a same objective that is to solve employee’s problems. For example, every time an employee has a problem those requirements concentration, personnel management and the HRM are available to them for solving their problems and issues. In this manner, the personnel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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