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HRM Practices at SPARQ - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This report “HRM Practices at SPARQ” covers motivation, development, recognition and rewarding of employees with the objective of reviewing the current practice and recommending policy improvements. The paper has introduced the general concept of the topic…
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HRM Practices at SPARQ
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Extract of sample "HRM Practices at SPARQ"

Download file to see previous pages It goes on to recommend empowerment as the most important tool that will help SPARQ as a service-oriented organization to excel. As a good measure, a live example of the outstanding success of the empowerment programme at SEMCO has been cited to reinforce the recommendation.
Employees from the human capital of an organization and it is their productivity that provides it the competitive advantage over rivals. Productivity is a function of knowledge and skill. When engaging or evaluating an employee with a combination of knowledge, skill and ability are judged.
The level of productivity of a worker is determined by the current level of knowledge embedded in workers’ skills, management techniques, tools, equipment, and software used across business models. However, growth in productivity depends on person performance as well as system performance. For achieving competitive advantage (Porter 1980) organizations adopt Performance Management techniques to realize efficiency and effectiveness. Performance management is therefore considered as a tool for measuring corporate objectives and is calculable in tangible form in terms of outputs and deliverables to customers. In order to get the best out of employees companies devise a system of recognition and reward to motivate and develop their employees’ skills. The objective is to build a strong organization and improve its bottom line.
The problem arises when the Human Resource Management (HRM) process is chosen for performance management. In such a scenario the total emphasis will be on the worker, his performance, and his output; thus the assessment will be worker-centric only. This is due to the fact that HRM focus is on selection, performance appraisal, and training only. There is also the assumption by HRM is that differences in worker skills and attitudes have a bearing on performance.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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