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The Concept Of Managing Workers In An Organizations Through HRM - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Concept Of Managing Workers In An Organizations Through HRM" evaluates the evidence that high-performance human resource practices lead to high performance and successful results in organizations. The HR management plays a major role in all the process of the organization…
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The Concept Of Managing Workers In An Organizations Through HRM
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Extract of sample "The Concept Of Managing Workers In An Organizations Through HRM"

Download file to see previous pages An organization is a structure with a ‘collage’ of humans doing their allocated work under the supervision of a leader, for the benefit of the organization as well as them. These workers will normally be apportioned into different departments for better arrangement or streamlining of work. Among the many departments, which constitute an organization, the Human Resource Department’s (HRD) role is omnipresent and crucial, as it with SHRM and HRM policies can only boost an organization through various strategies. After the recruitment and apportionment of employees is over; it is the duty of the organization particularly the Human Resources Department to provide the employees with a perfect working environment, in which they will work effectively. The perfect working environment in the sense, HRD as part of optimal SHRM should play their part in recruiting the apt employees, allocating the workload perfectly, motivating the workers while they were working, solving the problems that may arise and thereby achieve the intended goals.
Recruitment of apt employees and retaining them forms a key part of the organization’s functioning or even its survival. “Together, effective recruitment and retention attracts individuals to the organization and also increases the chance of retaining the individuals once they are hired” (Jackson and Schuler, 2003). In the case of Southwest Airlines, its recruitment process is so foolproof, creative and efficient that only one out of four applicants would be interviewed and less than 3% would actually be hired. This high filtering of best candidates even for the recruitment as part of the high-performance human resource practices, and also during the recruitment process gives SW Airlines the ‘cream’ of the talent leading to high performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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