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It refers the integration of the knowledge of the individual members of an organisation into organisational knowledge. Interpersonal trust amongst the co-workers plays a pivotal role in the sharing of…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper aims at establishing a valid relationship between the levels of productivity in UAE’s organisations vis-à-vis the levels of Knowledge Management, Organizational Trust, Creativity and Innovation in those organisations.
With the advent of globalisation, the worldwide market has witnessed an increased degree of diversity in terms of products and services. The 21st century has come across a myriad range of the expectations and preferences of the consumers. This diversity has also found a parallel reflection in the workforce of today’s organisations. The modern organisations showcase a widely diverse workforce with respect to age, gender, nationality, education and experience. The knowledge or intellectual capital of the workforce is a powerful and precious asset to the organisation. It is a magical tool not only for maintaining sustainability but also for gaining a competitive advantage. In today’s competitive age, merely the information regarding products or services is not enough to surpass competitors. Such knowledge and information has to be upgraded and enhanced time and again depending upon the market situation. The workforce needs to show flexibility and creativity in the application of their share of knowledge. The organisations need to adapt to the changing market scenario. This is where the role of knowledge management comes in. It assists organisations by helping them in polishing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses through idea generation and subsequent effective implementation of those ideas. But to lead the competition, knowledge alone is not sufficient. It needs to be complemented by other elements such as interpersonal trust, creativity and innovation in using that knowledge. This paper looks forward to studying the interplay of Knowledge Management, Organizational Trust, Creativity and Innovation and their contribution in the productivity of organizations in UAE.
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Rephrase Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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