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Knowledge Management in Emirates Secondary Schools - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes the analysis of the knowledge management, that is conducted in the UAE secondary schools. The researcher focuses on the description of knowledge management, it's effects and how it can improve the modern educational system today…
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Knowledge Management in Emirates Secondary Schools
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Extract of sample "Knowledge Management in Emirates Secondary Schools"

Download file to see previous pages In this essay the researcher presents his proposal for a piece of research, which is aimed to investigate the relationship between the current state of management, technology and culture and the knowledge management activities in the Emirates secondary schools. The researcher also hopes that this study will promote an improvement of the existing knowledge management practices in the UAE educational system and make a contribution in positive changes in the country economy at a whole. The modern education system in the UAE is based basically on the same fundamentals as educational systems of many other world nations – on Western pedagogical models and the current K-12 curriculum. However, it differs profoundly by its cultural and political context. One of the major distinctions of the system is the lack of qualified national teachers. Results of the study presented by Muysken discusses the causes of the deficient educational system in the UAE, the implications of this system and main factors constraining knowledge transfer in the UAE schools. The results prove evidently the necessity of improvement of the educational system of the Emirates, where the effective KM may be crucial. This essay suggests that this research will be a remarkable step towards the deeper understanding of nature and particular features of these supporting factors regarding the UAE educational system. The researcher believes that this study will be also helpful for researchers who are going to conduct further research in the area of KM in education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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