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Author: Instructor: Date: PART I: PROPOSED, STUDENT BEHAVIOUR SCHOOL POLICY There should be order in every school to enable students fulfil their learning potential (House of Commons 3). Therefore, it should be every school’s objective to manage student behaviour…
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Download file to see previous pages It should also be noted that behaviour is one of the dominant discourses in schooling (Ball, Maguire and Braun 98). This public, high school, student behaviour policy aims at promoting high standards of behaviour to enhance a secure environment for all, which is orderly and safe. The behaviour policy contains the following elements. ...
not use bad language Both students and school staff should respect each other The policy includes the major stakeholders of the school, and this includes; Students Teachers and Other School Staff Parents According to the policy, various stakeholders should perform the following roles as outlined; Principal Ensure that there is a safe and a peaceful atmosphere for both students and staff Implement and monitor this behaviour policy Ensure consistent disciplinary actions for those act contrary to this behaviour policy Teachers and Other Staff Take part in the implementation of the student behaviour policy and instil good behaviour among students Report cases of disruptive behaviour for punishment Students Follow the guidelines provided in the student behaviour policy and comply with directions Demonstrate respect for teachers, colleagues, and other staff, and should not engage in any form of misconduct Parents Offer support to schools during the student behaviour policy implementation The school rewards and offers acknowledgment certificates to those who encourage good behaviour and discourage unacceptable behaviour. PART II: ARGUMENT IN SUPPORT OF THE PROPOSED SCHOOL POLICY An orderly learning environment is necessary for every school to enhance smooth learning, without interruptions. Student misbehaviour in high schools is a significant cause of learning disruptions. It should be note that student misbehaviour is an international concern. According to (The Guardian par 5), student misbehaviour disrupts lessons in sixty percent of the schools in world. Students enjoy classes where there is no disruption, but this is not always the case for some schools because of student misbehaviour. Student misbehaviour has led to negative consequences in the achievement of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MAKE UP SCHOOL POLICY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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