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The paper “The Outcome of Employee Involvement and Participation” will look at the crucial role played by employees in attaining the goals of an organization as well as the responsibility of management to harness the full potential of its workforce…
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The Outcome of Employee Involvement and Participation
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Download file to see previous pages The utilization of this management philosophy is proved to positively impact a business organization. First, it has been demonstrated that giving employees the chance to participate in the decision making of business organizations directly and significantly contributes to their job satisfaction. As human beings, employees have this innate desire to enhance their self-worth. Without their participation and involvement, employees are left with the feeling that they are no more than the equipment that the company uses. With these sentiments, employees began to feel dissatisfied with their job, leading to human resource problems like absenteeism and low labor productivity. Thus, employee involvement and participation is a motivational factor that enhances the satisfaction of employees.
Employee satisfaction has a positive implication for a firm. For one, employee satisfaction brought about by employee involvement is instrumental in achieving the goals of the company. John Purcell has emphasized that the firm’s human resource should be taken as strategic partners. Employee involvement can be used in order to tap the creativity and skill of the workforce and strategically align according to the goals of the business organization. If the employees are satisfied with their jobs, then doing this will be less tedious. The end result will be higher organizational performance leading to higher profitability.
Employee involvement in the decision making of the company gives them the feeling of belongingness to the organization. This also makes them able to identify themselves with the company. They feel that their efforts can strongly contribute to the attainment of organizational success.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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