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The impact of employee participation in decision making on job satisfaction - Research Proposal Example

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The research problem can be conceptualized as the employee participation affecting job satisfaction through the intervening motivation process depending on the trust between management and employees. The dependent variable will be job satisfaction; independent variable will be…
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The impact of employee participation in decision making on job satisfaction
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Extract of sample "The impact of employee participation in decision making on job satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages In the last section, the questionnaire for the primary survey is given.
The dependent variable is job satisfaction. It is defined as the positive feeling or emotion resulting from the appraisal of an employee about how much his needs are fulfilled from the present work role and place( Wagner,1994;Bhatti and Qureshi,2007 etc). Hence, job satisfaction results from many factors like the nature of responsibilities assigned to the employee, balance between life and work to the employee, autonomy for the job , affection orientation towards the organization where the employee is working, attitude of colleagues etc. Therefore, job satisfaction is measured in terms of two major indicators in this study, the job functionality and organizational fit following many studies like Verma (1995), Wagner (1994), Scott etal(2003),Bhatti and Qureshi(2007) etc. Job functionality includes questions on job responsibilities, job life balance and job autonomy.
Organizational fit includes questions on trust in the organization, trust in other employees; support from colleagues and authorities, and motivation for work. All these questions are on a scale 0 to 4..
Employee participation is defined as sharing of influence among persons who are otherwise hierarchically unequal (Bhatti and Qureshi, 2007, p3) . It includes involving both managers and their subordinates in decision-making, information processing and problem solving processes as well as making a balance between the involvements of both. Hence, the attitude of management and influence of employees at workplace are two important indicators of employee participation. Therefore, employee participation is measured in terms of these two indicators attitudes to current job and influence at workplace. The attitudes to current job include questions like performance and attitude of management as well as employee involvement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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