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Employee Participation leads to Increased Performance - Research Paper Example

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An author of this paper seeks to discuss the extent to which increased employee participation leads to increased performance. The employee participatory plans and approaches wield stimulated and constructive effects on the performance of the employees…
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Employee Participation leads to Increased Performance
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Extract of sample "Employee Participation leads to Increased Performance"

Download file to see previous pages A number of experts have argued that it has now become essential to discontinue the abovementioned practice, and it is imperative that employers should motivate their employees and ensure their satisfaction, in order to acquire their increased performance, and consequently, increased production and prosperity of the organization. After consideration of such perception, motivation and satisfaction were limited to only money or financial aspect for a longer period; however, recent studies have argued that money is not the only aspect that motivates employees, and a number of steps can ensure job satisfaction and thus, increased the performance of employees in the company. In other words, any step that brings an employee towards the identified goal or objective of the employer, it is motivation.
However, studies (Peccei, pp. 207-36, 2001) indicated that although definition and discussion of motivating employees seem simple; however, implementation of efficient human resource approaches is one of the most challenging tasks in the field of management that ensures enhancement of employees, as well as organizational performance. In the result, various researches are in process of identifying effective plans to implement such strategies that may motivate employees to increase and improve their performance in the company.
Last few decades witnessed have major changes in world economies that affected major aspects of the management around the globe. For instance, an adaptation of information technology, reduction in human workforce in heavy-manufacturing labor, and globalized competition are some of the major changes that altered the direction of HRM researches as well. It is an observation that globalization has enhanced the quality standards. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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