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Impact of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction - Dissertation Example

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This research paper “Impact of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction” evaluates the impact of participation on overall job satisfaction of employees. The research will be conducted on five organizations and to collect the data, a survey will be designed with a sample of about 250 participants…
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Impact of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction
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Extract of sample "Impact of Employee Participation on Job Satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major challenges which the management of most of the organizations are facing is to develop and implement effective human resource strategies. Developing effective human resource strategies are required because they enhance the overall performance of organizations. Job satisfaction, employees participation, team empowerment are some important components of human resource strategy. Since most of the organizations are facing structural weaknesses and internal challenges, therefore, learning the determinants of job satisfaction has become very important for management. It is generally argued that employees’ participation in the organization, enhance their motivation level thereby, increasing the job satisfaction of people. The aim of this report is to evaluate whether there is a link between employees participation and job satisfaction or not and how participation may increase job satisfaction. This report is very important to understand the factors which may help the organization to increase job satisfaction to the workers. In addition to the impact of employees’ participation on job satisfaction, this report will also determine the role of the level of motivation and organizational trust of employees. Therefore, this report will be really worthwhile for the companies to learn the importance of employees’ participation at a workplace. To achieve high individual and organization performance, companies are seeking to devise various strategies and employees’ participation in decision making is one of them. Huge literature work has been done to study the impact of employees’ participation on job satisfaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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