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Impacts of Emotional Intelligence of leaders on job satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of followers 02141 - Essay Example

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While economic demands are to blame for this predicament, other studies reveal the real cause of this problem. Studies postulate it as a more complex…
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Impacts of Emotional Intelligence of leaders on job satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of followers 02141
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Emotional Intelligence of leaders on job satisfaction and Turnover Intentions of followers 02141"

Download file to see previous pages Job satisfaction among its employees has been a fundamental reason of the turnover problem as research conducted by Brunetto et al. (2012) suggests. Conversely, whenever an organisation is committed to emotional intelligence, it becomes easier for its employees to be motivated. In fact, Trivellas et al (2013) found that organisational commitment determines the satisfaction of the staff, hence influencing the turnover intentions. In light of these facts, it is highly recommendable that a research be conducted to find a way to mitigate the situation. Therefore, this research intends to analyse the impact the emotional intelligence of leaders has on job satisfaction and subsequent turnover intentions on followers.
Credible statistics have proved that Job Satisfaction (JS), Emotional Intelligence (IE) and Turnover Intentions (TI) are firmly intertwined. In essence, it means that none of it can be overlooked or given more attention that the other (Ganzach and Fried, 2012). Unfortunately, this is not something that many business owners have noticed, but rather they tend to focus on the TI without a decisive action to investigate the root problem (Siddique, 2014). Consequently, this approach has proved to be a dilemma for many business owners. For this reason, it would a grievous mistake not to identify these issues and deal with them conclusively.
Corporate play an important role in creating employment thus any issue that could prove to be a hurdle ought to be assessed and dealt with early. The proposal will highlight the underlying issues in the three aforementioned areas. In addition, it will offer the concerned parties an opportunity to find a solution in a bid to continue guaranteeing profitability, which is possible through maintenance of a motivated, satisfied workforce.
As stated above, the research seeks to understand and bring into the limelight the issues that influence JS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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