Emotionally intelligent leaders and their impact on followers' performance and well-being A critical review of the literature - Essay Example

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Emotionally Intelligent leaders and their Impact on Followers [Name of of Instructor] Introduction As cited by (Peter et al., 2004)Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capability of an individual to understand and manage his emotions and psychological needs in order to carry out his activities effectively…
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Emotionally intelligent leaders and their impact on followers performance and well-being A critical review of the literature
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Download file to see previous pages These have become increasingly important elements of Emotional Intelligence in every organization. It plays a vital role in leadership and management and has an influence on the employees working in an organization. In the first part of the paper, we will focus on critical review of emotional intelligence in leadership and how they have an influence on employees. In the second part, a reflection for practice will be presented with evidences from literature and evaluation of EI scores. Critical Review of Literature Leadership & Emotional Intelligence at Workplace Research indicates that leaders who constitute high level of emotional intelligence in the workplace are getting better outcomes and increased work performances by the employees. Building and sustaining relationships is an important aspect of management and the recognition of these emotions through self management and relationship management enhances the emotional intelligence of leading bodies. These may also help leaders respond better in various difficult situations and be able to understand the complexities in situations. An increased amount of self awareness through emotional intelligence causes empathy and understanding among the leaders and the subordinates as stated by Collins(2011). Even though it has been believed that personality and psychological traits may appear to be somewhat stable (Costa, 1992) but in reality this may not be the case, managers can improve their leadership skills by understanding their strengths and weaknesses through self-awareness and self-regulation and understand and enhance a leadership style, Jennings(2012)which may have a profound impact on the environment. However, there can be few unanswered questions which need to be examined like determining a natural style for an appropriate situations and ways to achieve the desired impact of that leadership style. It is also necessary to measure and see if these levels of emotional intelligence will have a positive impact on employees or not. Some scholars argue to that emotional intelligence may not perceived as too important for senior managerial positions Crandall(2007)while some claim it is difficult to attain intelligence as it is a part of an individual’s personality. Some scholars believe that emotional skills can be developed and enhanced through learning and experience (David R. Caruso, 2004). Higher levels of emotional intelligence in leadership give rise to higher productivity in the organization in the following areas; Participative Management When a leader shows empathy in building relationships with the employees then they welcome and acknowledge feedback from employees relating to any task. They also value interdependency between work groups. Leaders executing emotional intelligence in the workplace are always seen as good listeners and always implement change by getting input from employees and subordinates, cooperate with the workforce to understand their emotions and foster good working relationships in the workplace (Lorne & Robert, 1991). Self Awareness, Straightforwardness & Composure As cited by Gallagher(2012), when emotional intelligence supersedes, the leader or the manager has a clear understanding of their strength, weaknesses and they are able to control their expressions and responses in stressful situations. In return, the employees may feel at ease during work and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Their Impact on followers' Essay - 1”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1498890-emotionally-intelligent-leaders-and-their-impact.
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