Emotional intelligence and its role in leading, performance and wellbeing 2211 - Essay Example

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EI is an important virtue in developing and enhancing ones socialising skills (Salovey and Mayer, 1989). The concept of EI gained popularity…
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Emotional intelligence and its role in leading, performance and wellbeing 2211
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Download file to see previous pages Intelligence, of any kind cannot be measured; however it can be assessed by asking different questions. Similarly in the case of EI as well, the most feasible way of measuring an individual’s emotional understanding capabilities is by asking different questions. Psychologists are often seen to follow this technique to understand and map the emotions of patients and understand exactly what kind of emotional problems they are undergoing. Different parameters are set and the responses provided by individuals are compared against the responses provided. It is then estimated whether the emotional intelligence quotient of individuals are high or low. Individuals must themselves be able to understand their emotions well so that they can accurately recognize the emotions of others (Schutte, et al., 1998).
According to the studies conducted by Salovey and Mayer, emotional intelligence can be described as the sophisticated mental process whereby information regarding one’s own and others emotions are understood and meanings are derived. Emotional intelligence helps perceiving the feelings and thoughts of others and accordingly adapt with the people around. Understanding the emotions of others plays a significant role in the manner we behave and respond to them (Mayer, Caruso and Salovey, 1999). The ability model of emotional intelligence was proposed by Salovey and Mayer. They had developed an EI model describing the development of emotional intelligence from childhood to adulthood. The model is based on four branches. These are described as follows:
Perception- Emotional intelligence requires an individual to perceive the emotions present in themselves and in others in a highly accurate way. Identification of emotions is seen to enhance and positively benefit the behavioural conduct of an individual. Perception involves understanding the body language, facial expressions, tone and manner of speaking so that adequate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Emotional Intelligence and Its Role in Leading, Performance and Essay)
Emotional Intelligence and Its Role in Leading, Performance and Essay. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1673422-emotional-intelligence-and-its-role-in-leading-performance-and-wellbeing-2211.
“Emotional Intelligence and Its Role in Leading, Performance and Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/human-resources/1673422-emotional-intelligence-and-its-role-in-leading-performance-and-wellbeing-2211.
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