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Emotional Intelligence Review - Book Report/Review Example

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The revolution started by Daniel Goleman through this book is a feat unaccomplished by any other author. Daniel Goleman has quilled a phenomenal book. It is rich with insight and valuable information. Answers have been provided to the queries of many perplexed professionals and lay persons alike for a great time: Why some people achieve more than others even though the persons have the same innate abilities, same IQ level and both live in the same circumstances with same surroundings The answer as described by Goleman lies in Emotional Intelligence…
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Emotional Intelligence Book Review
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Extract of sample "Emotional Intelligence Review"

Download file to see previous pages It seems clear that the phrase "emotional literacy" which suggests the importance of emotions to cope up with the on goings of the world, is emerged, in a very small span of time from just a phrase to an inevitable installation in cultural literacy. It is now a subject which is regularly seen in magazines, a topic readily discussed on television shows and it is not really uncommon to find bold headings in articles like " The True Secret of Success: Emotional Intelligence" (Chapman,A)
In emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman touches the subject which has undoubtedly been dealt the very least. It focuses its consideration on the most nebulous and hazy part of human mind-emotions. What is now possible in the advancements in the subject of Emotional intelligence is largely due to the astounding progress in the study of human brain during the last few decades and Goleman has used this detail with perfection and interest in his book. It explains how feelings play an integral role in the way we spend and manage our daily life. Emotional intelligence tells us that our feelings and emotions like anger and grief are not always the result of our emotions running high but most of the time it is rather lack of emotions. Goleman tells us that there are actually two ways of approaching something, through heart and through mind. Both types of thinking explicitly affects our view towards life however what we think and decide by our heart has a greater conviction and better certainty than what we believe through our mind. This book teaches us to increase our emotional intelligence than to ignore them. Emotional intelligence plays a far more important role than IQ because it teaches us the way to apply our emotions. Goleman teaches us five domains of Emotional Intelligence:
Understanding your emotions
Managing your emotions so that you can apply them correctly
Self Motivation in demanding tasks
Recognizing and understanding emotions of others
Managing relationships - Dealing with strains in a relation
The most convincing part of Goleman's Emotional intelligence is the scientific research which he has brought to light in his book. The role that the Emotional intelligence plays in our daily lives has rarely been touched and its study has remained greatly unexplored in high scientific research studies. He accurately and comprehensively unravels the functional emotional part of our brains, for instance in part one, Goleman gives details in accessible depth about the details of the functional emotional part of our brain-- particularly, the limbic system's amygdale and its interface with the prefrontal lobes. It elaborates the evolution of emotional brain and the reason it plays such greater leading role in our lives in spite of the neo-cortex or what is put by Goleman as the "thinking brain" . This book has its roots firmly planted in psychology and neurosciences and generally, the topics make a lot of science. One minor drawback of this scientific jargon is that sometimes, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emotional Intelligence Book Review Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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