Emotional entilegenc by Danieal Goleman - Book Report/Review Example

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It has more to do with the emotional stability and constitution of the person, and is rightly called emotional intelligence by few discerners. In his 1995 book,…
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Emotional entilegenc by Danieal Goleman
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Download file to see previous pages He has brought out the fact that every man is living with two minds, the rational mind and the emotional mind. And the fact that successful IQ tests fail to give us performers in real life is the direct indicator of the need to understand and manipulate the emotional intelligence of the person.
Goleman (1995) candidly points out that following the example of winners in life and business, one can learn many important lessons in emotional make-up. He bases his writings on the understanding that scientific analysis of human psychology must include the emotional make-up of people being studied. As a result, his studies are based on a combination of reports from dual fields of psychology and neuroscience. This ideal approach to understanding oneself he says :
“approximates the folk distinction between heart and head; knowing something is right in your heart is a different order of conviction -- somehow a deeper kind of certainty -- than thinking so with your rational mind" (Goleman, 1995, p. 8).
In his book, Goleman (1995) introduces what the world calls the Mixed Model (pg. 157). This is the first technical approach to understanding the co-existence of our dual minds. He has used clear and vivid examples to showcase the five main attributes that can be used to create the best mixed model of emotional intelligence in man. The five main attributes and the skills that will help every person develop his skills and competencies in personal as well as professional life are as follows :
Gut feelings happen to all. But what we do not realize is that the feeling comes from our inner make-up. Our strengths, emotions, weaknesses, values, drives, goals, and all the abstract form of intelligence that we develop during our growing years, contribute to our gut feelings. If we improve upon these basics, then our gut feelings can never go wrong. We can make do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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