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Analyze case study :Building Performance Management through Employee Participation - Essay Example

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Performance management is a process which allows employees and managers have the occasion to come together and decide on certain standards of performance that, when the standards are met they create an expectant work, environment through a rational reward system. In the case…
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Analyze case study :Building Performance Management through Employee Participation
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Extract of sample "Analyze case study :Building Performance Management through Employee Participation"

Performance Management through Employee Participation Performance management is a process which allows employees and managers have the occasion to come together and decide on certain standards of performance that, when the standards are met they create an expectant work, environment through a rational reward system. In the case study, Jewelers Mutual insurance company petitioned feedback and used a democratic approach to identify the current issues which are affecting the current performance of the management system. The employees who have an input into a system which directly affects their wellbeing will work hard to keep that system in place. The study point to what I think is that all issues in many jobs are how to improve the performance of employees.
The performance management systems used by Mutual Insurance Company focuses on the performance individuals based on the agreed key performance sectors (Mathis & John 168). The performance management system helps in conducting appraisals which inform the company on how the employee is performing within a job, and what extra talents and skills are being added to the job by the jobholder. Benefits of the system in the organization are the reduction of organizational costs, improvement in production and overcoming between barriers of communication between the employer and employee which enables the organization to achieve their goals.
In the case study, there is a solicited feedback which is used to identify problems experienced by the management and employees, and identify any possible solution (Mathis & John 168). Although hampered by practical problems, which are related to lack of information and communication between the employees and management, but the training program was successful, It was measured by the contentedness of the employees, and outcome in the form of finalized actions plans it was an enormous success, and gave a valuable input to the technological and the organizational changes in the company during that period.
According to my findings the employee involvement is an effective management tool in decision making, in organizations, by seeking the views of the management systems and the general staff body. The elicited responses from the three groups point to the fact that it is a good thing to practice, and also that there are benefits gained from employee involvement in that the outcome of such a preparation on the implementation of policies would be highly positive.
The performance management system used by Jewelers Mutual insurance company help in performance planning, during this period, the employees will decide on how to meet certain targets. The performance key areas are performed with a budget of one year, which is later finalized in a mutual agreement between the employee and the reporting officers (Mathis & John 168). I think with the introduction of performance will substantially increase the productivity of the insurance company; this is because the entire employee has a set target which she/he is willing to accomplish. Also, rewarding of good performance has a positive impact on the organization; this is because rewarding the employees increases the motivation making them contribute fully in the growth of the organization. Organization growth is a crucial task all organization usually set a target which they have to meet after a certain, period depending on how they relate with their employees.
It can be concluded from the study undertaken that employee participation as an organization tool in decision-making, in organizations, would positively impact fortunes of any organization that practicing it. It makes employees feel more responsible for their actions, and see themselves as stakeholders who must do all in their power to ensure that decisions are implemented well for the benefit of all. This would ensure that the organization prospers and lives on for generations to come so that the forerunners can look back and feel satisfied that they contributed to the development of the organization.
Work cited
Mathis, Robert L, and John H. Jackson. Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2012. Print. Read More
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