Strategies for Building Effective Relationships - Case Study Example

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In this paper, the implementation of strategies for improving the condition of the business is presented. The success of a company highly depends on the effective implementation of its strategies. Long term growth and opportunities of the business are achieved by strategies…
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Strategies for Building Effective Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages A good relationship helps to satisfy all the staff of the company. It facilitates the firm to retain its employees. Strategies, in this case, are designed by considering employees needs and requirements. Organizational leaders play an important role in building a strong relationship with the company with its members. As a leader, I have to make proper and effective communication with employees. This skill will help me to know and understand all organizational members. Through this process, I will develop a good relationship with my peers. It will help me to unite them and motivate them to perform various organizational works. Recruitment and selection of appropriate candidates will help me to acquire valuable human resources for the business. Efficient employees will contribute a lot in improving the business process. I have to implement the basic managerial skill in this business. Managing business operations effective will be an important responsibility for me. By implementing this skill I will be able to manage different functions of this business. Organizing and dividing project works is an important task of mine. With the help of my leadership skills, I will understand the potentialities of organizational members and according to that, I will divide the work among the employees. Motivation is a vital skill of a leader. I need to implement this skill of improving the work performance of organizational members. Every employee expects some things for the company where they are working. By understanding their needs and requirements I have to motivate them in such a way that their commitment and dedication towards the company increases. Motivated employees deliver high quality of work which benefits the organization in its growth and success. I need to have a strong power of listing and analyzing things. At present employees of this business are having many problems. So I have to listen to them properly and analyze the problems and the situations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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