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Using the Students First Language in the Classroom - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Using the Students First Language in the Classroom" it is clear that in last 20 years, great change in language education had occurred. Target language is a resource to learning a foreign language. Use of L1 along with L2 has been extensively recommended for multiple reasons…
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Using the Students First Language in the Classroom
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Extract of sample "Using the Students First Language in the Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages As learning English has become more popular in many countries, teachers have asked whether it is better to teach English through a monolingual approach or a bilingual approach. "Monolingual approach is teaching English by only using English, and the bilingual approach teaches the target language which in this case is English (L2) using both the mother tongue (L2) and the target language. (L2)" (Atkinson, 1993; Edstrome, 2006). Learning English by using the mother tongue has been considered a less efficient method in some countries. Parents and governments have the tendency to favour only an English language teaching syllabus but there are teaching professionals who advocate that teaching using only L2 may not be the most efficient and profitable way of teaching. The importance lies in deciding what is the best teaching method; and whether or not L1 should be used in teaching. The teaching approach depends on the teachers and the parents. All circumstances need to be taken under consideration to determine what is best for learners (Atkinson, 1993).
A brief historical background of both approaches will be presented including the pros and the cons of L1 bilingual approach and the L2 approach. Emphasis will be made showing that L1 helps target language learning. To conclude a format will be introduced showing strategies of when and how to use students native language and strategies on how to limit the use of L1 use in order to maximize the use of L2.
When teaching L2 (English)as a second language began several hundred years ago, using the target language was well accepted (Auerbach, 1993). This phenomenon was due to emphasizing writing competence rather than speaking competence. From the 19th century, there was a reversed phenomenon and speaking became more important than writing. The monolingual approach took precedence in language learning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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