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Do Children Benefit When Their Teacher Speaks Their Second Language - Research Proposal Example

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This study focuses on the impact on the minority children groups of the language used in classroom curriculum; more specifically on the impact when the teacher shares their language. Studies in linguistics has brought forth certain important distinctions in the way a child learns a language. …
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Do Children Benefit When Their Teacher Speaks Their Second Language
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Download file to see previous pages This report talks that biculturalism refers to a process wherein individuals learn to function in two distinct socio-cultural environments: their primary culture, and that of the dominant mainstream culture of the society in which they live. Setting these two worlds apart is their language. Language barriers not only hinder or slow down the learning process, it also inhibits the child’s socializing capabilities. There is a sense of alienation that sets in, inside the classroom that manifests in myriad ways, like aggression, extreme shyness and the eventual drop out situation.
This essay makes a conclusion that teachers who understand and appreciate culturally different strengths and funds of knowledge are more likely to provide enriching and responsive learning environments that celebrate and capitalize on children’s cultural differences. As students themselves, most teachers were socialized in mainstream schools for at least 12 years and often attended teacher preparation programs grounded in the mainstream culture. Beginning the journey toward increased cultural competence requires teachers to rethink their assumptions and consider life’s issues through the lenses of people who come from cultural backgrounds different from their own. Teachers cannot hope to begin to understand who sits before them unless they can connect with the families and communities from which their children come. To do that it is vital that teachers and teacher educators explore their own beliefs and attitudes about non-white and non-middle-class people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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