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Creating technology-enhanced, student-centered classroom: integrating technology into classroom of teach English as a second lan - Dissertation Example

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Creating Technology-Enhanced, Student-Centered Classroom Name: Instructors Course Date Chapter 1 Introduction The implementation of technology in classes teaching English as a second language is a solution that provides for the digital computerization, recording, and maintenance of information to be studied by the students…
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Creating technology-enhanced, student-centered classroom: integrating technology into classroom of teach English as a second lan
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Download file to see previous pages This will enable students to shift from only attending classes for the need to have an education, but will also encourage them to develop an interest in English as a language they can use for their daily interactions. One of the main goals for using this system is to increase efficiency within the English learning system to the point of significantly reducing the amount of effort needed by instructors. Over the past several years, educational institutions and research institutes have been encouraged to initiate a massive transformation in their education systems. A transformation from a paper-based education system to one that increasingly relies on technology is already witnessed in developed countries; the same cannot be said concerning developing countries, especially those in Africa and Asia. The increasing number of regular users of the technology based system for the purpose of studying English has been touted as one of the reasons why digitizing the classrooms is very important. It also helps in managing the already burdened education system which needs further improvements if concrete development is to be achieved (Farooq, Al Asmari and Javid, 2012). Putting the information students need to conduct their studies in databases will not only reduce redundancies but is already shifting the way these students receive and seek information so that it can be said to have added efficiency in the learning process. With better contact to an individualized educational record, whether it is through an official electronic record by an instructor is good for academic development. A private record created by an individual student, or a fast instant messaging contact with an instructor and the use of technology has ensured that the customary roles of instructors and students are experiencing swift changes required in education system. It is expected that in the future, because of the use of technology in student centered classrooms, students will only need to show up for appointments with their instructors after the latter have gone through their educational records and have formulated recommendations on how their students can improve. Therefore, technology enhanced classroom is essential for future development and increased standards of education to the required standards. Statement of the Problem One of the greatest ideals that have come to be widely appreciated in the world today is to create a technology-enhanced children classroom that unites students from diverse cultures. It has also come to be recognized that English is a most influential international language that should be used to encourage uniform communication and understanding in classrooms lest the growth of technology is slowed. Research Questions It can be said that technology and English language education are related to each other and during the twentieth century, especially in the sixties and seventies, English language learning laboratories were already being used in various educational institutions. The traditional language laboratory included a number of little cabinets, provided with a microphone, cassette-deck, and a headset for each one and teachers used a central control panel to monitor the interactions of their students (Narciss and Koerndle 2008). One of the main advantages of the use of this technology was that student’s verbal conduct would help them to learn the second ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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