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Teaching and Learning Approaches and Strategies in STEM Education - Research Paper Example

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Generally, the STEM education experience develops the approaches and strategies in learning and teaching the subjects mentioned. STEM education makes a difference…
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Teaching and Learning Approaches and Strategies in STEM Education
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Download file to see previous pages The author further points out that it separates from other subjects with an objective of increasing the interests of students in one particular field.
Over the years, schools in the United States have recorded a minimal number of students enrolled to take courses in STEM education. The educational trend is visible from the lower level education institutions. From high school, the situation becomes worse as students tend to drop their participation in the STEM subjects. In college and universities the number of graduates in science and technical subject has also decreased significantly. From the trend, the state realized there is a gap in the modern educational system. For instance, the job market becomes unbalanced since the number of students with business skills outmatches the numbers of students with science and technical skills. This attributes to issue such as shortage of health care workers. For this reason, the state created a STEM education system that increases the awareness of science and technical awareness among students (Asghar, 2012).
However, the educations system could not be of importance if the students’ attitude towards the subject was not altered. Venville, Rennie & Wallace (2004) are of the assumption that the negative perception of the students towards science and technical subjects minimized their participation. For this reason, the STEM education system should develop a way that the students’ perception could be changed. One major requirement was to change the approach used in the curriculum. The curriculum on STEM subjects was not interesting enough to capture the attention of students. Economics and Statistics Administration (2011) points out that the learning approaches used in STEM subjects aim at increasing the interest of students. Tutors were also not provided with the required expertise to explore the fun parts of STEM subjects. Another hindrance to effective learning of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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