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Language Acquisition and Various Influences on Student Learning - Essay Example

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This essay Language Acquisition and Various Influences on Student Learning talks that language development in human beings occurs as a biologically controlled behavior in an individual; the individuals are genetically predisposed to learn some language. …
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Language Acquisition and Various Influences on Student Learning
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Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that children invent the learning rules through making initial mistakes and correcting themselves as they develop. Various aspects of language acquisition have been identified by theorists that make it a biologically controlled process. Two of these aspects are significant for language educators in creating an environment that promotes learning among students. Firstly, it has to be stressed that language acquisition is innate and it is not generated by external events. However, its development requires a rich environment that exposes the learner more to the language. Secondly, it is also noted that direct teaching and intensive practice do not have significant positive effects on the language acquisition process. These aspects imply that a proper language acquisition will then be enhanced through creation of some classroom environment that favors interaction between the students themselves.
This paper discusses that developing such a climate will involve examination different factors affecting learning and their mutual relations. The influence of social and emotional factors on the learning process can no longer be ignored. Such negligence results in the development of some instructional gap and the students attempt to fill this gap in their devised mechanisms that do not support the learning process. Some degree of mutual relationship occurs among intellectual, social, and emotional processes as they affect the learning process. ...
The learning process occurs in some social context that is dynamic in nature so that an individual with complex cognition will be able to learn and adapt to the changing needs of the social contexts of learning as opposed to the less complex individuals (Love & Love, 1996). Aspects of the social setup such as the culture of a community may affect a student’s beliefs, attitudes, or motivations towards the learning process. These are detrimental to the learning process if carried into the classroom environment. On the other hand, the individuals with complex cognition have better skills of understanding the perspectives of other people. This implies that good cognition can help students adapt to new social settings, which is essential for learning. The relationship between cognition and the social process is also evident in classroom discussions. A good proportion of learning in students occurs in the classroom discussions, where students share their experiences that they feel the other individuals need to learn. Through the discussions, a student is able to learn more of the concept or determine if it is well understood Emotions also have effects on the learning and development processes in students since the feeling states, and thinking states cannot be separated easily (Love & Love, 1996). The emotional and rational minds of an individual often act in a balanced manner to guide the individual through life decisions. While emotions will strive to inform and guide the rational operations, rational mind will try to refine the input from emotional mind before initiating an operation (Love & Love, 1996). Negative emotions such as depression, when carried into the classroom, will suppress the learning process. The students will not be able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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