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Identify a lobbying group and critically evaluate the impact they have had on either a specific tourism initiative or general tourism policy - Essay Example

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Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) is one of the prominent lobbying group and they are playing a major role in the tourism industry of the United Kingdom. It is considered as the largest association of travel and tourism in the United Kingdom. It acts as a…
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Identify a lobbying group and critically evaluate the impact they have had on either a specific tourism initiative or general tourism policy
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Extract of sample "Identify a lobbying group and critically evaluate the impact they have had on either a specific tourism initiative or general tourism policy"

Download file to see previous pages association also aims at providing best quality travel and accommodation services to the customers at an affordable price through maintaining sustainability. Apart from sustainability policy, ABTA is also aiming at creating awareness among the tourists regarding the welfare of wildlife, as tourism and wildlife are closely interlinked with each other for the betterment of the nation. Thus, ABTA has been playing a major role in promoting travel and tourism of the United Kingdom and thereby helping in the growth of the economy (1ABTA, 2014; International Centre for Responsible Tourism, 2014; Elliott, 1997).
ABTA is an association, which works for the benefit of the tourism industry by maintaining certain ethical considerations. ABTA provides support, expertise as well as protection to their members and tourists. It helps in providing greater experiences to the tourists in a cost effective manner by maintaining ethics and good practices. The impact of the ABTA has been critically evaluated below stating its importance in the tourism industry.
ABTA follows a sustainable tourism policy along with providing proper services to the consumers. The aim of the association is to create a better place to live and to visit without harming the environment much. In order to adopt this policy, it is vital to reduce the harmful impacts on the environment through tourism. It ensures that the economies of the locality as well as the local communities are being benefited by the tourism to a considerable extent. Contextually, in the present day context tourism industries are adopting policies to promote eco-friendly tourism in order to protect the environment by providing a green environment. ABTA highly focuses on providing a sustainable holiday destinations for the people. Holidays are now a day considered as an important part of life and it is believed by ABTA that in order to make these holidays more enjoyable and pleasurable for the people, it is required to concern for the nature ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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