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International Tourism Management 1. Introduction: With the development of science and technology, tourism is prospering over time. There are lots of difficulties in defining the term tourism. The concept of tourism and tourism management underwent evolution…
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International Tourism Management
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Download file to see previous pages In this concept, the definition of tourism helps to identify all the basic elements associated with the term tourism. The conceptual definition of tourism demonstrates the multi-faceted as well as the multi disciplinary characteristics of tourism. The technical definition of tourism clearly represents what one can understand from the word tourist and what is tourism industry. Technical definition helps to specify the different factors which help to recognize a set of people as traveler, as well as grouping different organization as a part of tourism sector. (Inkson and Minnaert, 2012, p.15). 2. Definition of Tourism: According to Inkson and Minnaert (2012), the movement of the people to different places outside their normal place of work or residence, various kinds of activities which they perform while staying on those places and different facilities developed by several organization as well as the concerned governing authority of that particular place is known as tourism. (Inkson and Minnaert, 2012, p.16). There are three basic elements associated with the tourism. These are dynamic element, destination element and consequential element. Dynamic Element: It is associated with the demand for and different types of tourism. According to their views, these forms are subject to change. Destination Element: It is associated with the tourist as well as the characteristics of them. ...
(Inkson and Minnaert, 2012, p. 17). 3. Types of Tourism System: There are different kinds of tourism industry present in the tourism system. These are aviation industry, railways industry, tour and travel operators, hotel industry etc. In the tourism system, all these industries are interrelated with one another. With the development of science and technology, as the time moves on the tourism system also started to develop as well. The main focus of this paper is to discuss about different factors associated with the tourism industry, the growth in this industry in last 10 years with the continuous development in the technology and communication sector. Apart from that, a detail discussion will be done with the focus on aviation industry, its growth , development that happen to this sector due to technological and communication improvement and role played by the aviation sector in the overall growth of the tourism industry. 4. Aviation and Tourism: Transport is an indispensable part of tourism, providing the very important link between the tourist generating areas and destinations. Good convenience, which is determined by the transport services provided, is a basic condition for the expansion of any tourist destination. Moreover, the transport industry can be a main beneficiary of tourism because of the extra passenger demand that may be generated. Aviation is a progressively more important mode of transportation for tourism markets. At the same time geography has meant that, in modern times, air travel has always been the central mode for long distance travel and as much global tourism moves towards deregulation, and more specifically with the emergence of the low cost carrier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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