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Internet Usages Affect People's Tourism Booking And Decision-making - Essay Example

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This paper talks that marketers have the access to technology with the advent of the internet to customize products and communicate directly with the smaller target market. The internet is an interactive medium unlike the traditional marketing…
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Internet Usages Affect Peoples Tourism Booking And Decision-making
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Extract of sample "Internet Usages Affect People's Tourism Booking And Decision-making"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that most people prefer internet travel planning and booking due to its efficiency. It offers more information and costs lesser than a travel agency. It also has no time limit for information search and one can see videos or movies of the chosen destination. The internet is also non-stop available hence one can access the information from anywhere with internet access. One can compare offers quickly and at the same time find opinions of other persons since the internet provides some degree of freedom.
This paper makes a conclusion that internet travel planning and booking also has its disadvantages. The website is not able to distinguish between cheap and best value ,for example a room may be deemed as cheap whereas it does not fit the client’s expectations. The internet websites do not understand the clients. The client often does not know what they are getting themselves into. Unlike a travel agent who can know what the client can and cannot put up with, the internet is not able to know. The internet websites are also not proactive. This implies that they do not understand the clients and they do not offer the best value but just raw price. Websites cannot be able to look into the whites of the eyes. An agent can use their skills to read an itinerary, to understand it, analyze any real issues and then communicate them to the client. This study shows that an increasing number is turning to social media to help them with the research. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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