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25 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

25 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

By StudentShare Release Year: 2019

Reliable Argumentative Essay Topics Help

The desire of any student is to get the best grades possible; however, to most this does not come to reality since there are often a lot of factors that are often taken into account which most of them fail to demonstrate. Tests and assignments are the main assessment techniques used by learning institutions across the world. These assignments are often designed to determine the performance ability of the students. Assignments are given higher precedence by lecturers because these are the takeaway tasks where the students have the liberty to research and deliver the right content. Since they are more likely to get the content correct, professors have become increasingly demanding and not only focus on the content but also on the structure and referencing styles used. 

There are vast kinds of assignments given to students ranging from essays, to dissertations to reviews to annotated bibliographies. All these tasks often have varying demands and requirements. For instance, the structure of an essay is different from the structure of a dissertation. However, there are standard requirements such as grammar, punctuation and the style of formatting a paper. Argumentative essays are one of the tasks that most students are given. Most students have a perception that writing an argumentative essay is simple and it is all about giving a person’s point of view, however, that is not the case as there is more than that. 

The basic foundation of a good argumentative is pegged on the selected topic. More often students are given the opportunity of selecting their preferred topics and in some cases, they are given specific argumentative topics to write about. Most students tend to fail their argumentative essays mainly because their selected topic is not concrete and researchable enough.

Everyone Desires to Have a Good Argumentative Essay

Good argument essay topics should be researchable, interesting and are about a current occurrence in our day to day life. It should not be something that is outdated. It has been noted that most students are not highly creative enough to formulate their own unique argumentative topics and thus rely on other sources such as from internet sources or journals. They end u selecting other people’s ideas and not able to formulate their own. This is highly discouraged since it is perceived as academic theft in the sense that you are stealing another person’s intellectual property. Some students are also unable to write good argumentative essay topics because probably they have a lot of tasks to complete within a small duration of time or have other engagements such as employment. They, therefore, do not have enough time to research and come up with a strong argumentative essay topic. They, therefore, resort to the use of online academic writing professionals to offer assistance. While sorting for help they believe they will get good topics on time and that is unique that will give them a competitive edge among other colleagues. 

However, not all the times do they get the quality of services they anticipate, more often they are charged high amount of money with an assurance of quality and unique argumentative essay but then they get substandard work. In many cases, the papers have numerous grammatical errors, wrongly referenced, and poorly structured or the content is irrelevant. There have also been cases where the content is unoriginal and led to the students being imposed for stringent punitive actions that they do not deserve. These customers end up losing trust in these service providers, lose a huge amount of money and also do not get the anticipated good grades.

We are different because we are genuine and are founded on the basis of quality service provision to our customers. We believe that without customers we do not have a business and therefore thrive to deliver the best that will not only guarantee loyalty but will also intrigue subsequent recommendations to our company. Having been found more than a decade ago we have vast experience in the industry and are able to deliver any kind of argumentative essay within any given amount of time. We have the experience to manage pressure and even deliver quality work within craziest deadlines. 

To ascertain our authenticity check our reviews section and get to hear what our past clients had to say about our services. We have a team of highly professional writers that have been thoroughly trained and well vetted and proven to be able to deliver the best quality to our customers. These writers are native speakers and thus have a good command of the English language you are therefore more likely to have minimal or no grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. They are drawn from all academic disciplines and are able to handle argumentative essays from all academic levels ranging from high school papers to doctoral level papers. They have gone through the system and best understands the dynamics and the specific key areas where professors accord significant focus on and are certain will give you a winning edge. 

Are you a college student and not certain about your competency in formulating a good topic? We have a solution for you; our competent team of writers is able to help formulate good argumentative essay topics for college. The team will give you a wide range of college topics from which you are able to choose which is ideal and appealing to you.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

It takes a lot to deliver a good essay but the basic thing is having a good essay topic. A good essay topic must be interesting, researchable and convincing. In order to have an interesting topic, it is important to choose easy argumentative essay topics that you are able to comfortably complete and support with strong evidence. However, in as much as it is an easy topic, it must be interesting. 

Therefore, once you have been given a task, formulate a list of interesting argumentative essay topics that are appealing to you. Examples of interesting argumentative topics that you can consider include; should a relaxed dress code be tolerated at the workplace? Should a teenager be allowed to get tattoos? Should cigarette smoking be illegal? Is it okay for parents to lie to their children? Should schools have birth controls? These are examples of interesting topics. They are easy and interesting and are also current issues. 

Furthermore, they are researchable and have contrasting ideologies since there is no correct argument all is dependent on the quality of argument with evidence given. In order to stand out in your paper, it is also recommended to consider funny argumentative essay topics. Many students are more likely to stick to the normal argumentative topics which some people have fixed minds about and professors are more likely to predict your point of view. Considering funny topics will give you a competitive edge because you will not only be unique but will have also attracted the attention of the professor and he or she will be intrigued to read the entire paper. 

There are numerous funny argumentative topics that you can write about. Some of the topics we would recommend as a company includes; why individuals like watching funny cats’ videos, why smoking is good for you, why customers are always wrong, how to pretend to enjoy sports or why wearing braces is fun. These topics are funny and it is most likely that many students will choose such topics. However, choosing such topics is a double-edged sword, if well presented, articulated and made convincing it is more likely to give you a competitive advantage and you are most likely to get good grades. However, if well not articulated and made convincing, professors can perceive it as a joke and from a student that is not serious. Therefore, when choosing a funny argumentative essay topic it is important to ensure that it is congruent with your line of study and is convincing enough by having strong argument points.

People have a varying perception of a good argumentative topic is, however, this can easily be determined. A good argumentative essay topic is one that attractive or rather intriguing, is researchable with two argument point of view and is convincing. A good topic must also be congruent to your line of study for instance; if you are pursuing sports management your chosen topic should be in line with sports management and not about something else like agriculture. Consequently, it should also match your academic level, for instance when you are a college student, you need to know argumentative essay topics for college students because you will be assessed as a college student. Suppose you are a student pursuing a course in sports you should be able to research and determine interesting sports argumentative essay topics.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas that will give you a Competitive Advantage

In order to settle for a good topic for an argumentative essay, it is important to brainstorm various college argumentative essay topics that are more current and interesting and you are able you can convince your readers about it. It is important not to choose unethical discussion topics. Look no farther, we are here to offer you good argumentative topics that will give you a competitive advantage.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are stuck with formulating your theme or just strive in a search for argument essay ideas, check out our helpful article about things to argue about and may the creativeness be with you!

The argument essay is a type of writing that requires you to express your opinion on a particular topic. The topic often has a form of a controversial statement, and your task is to write whether you agree with it or you don’t.

Finding a good argument essay ideas is a place where most students get stuck, for professors usually provide students with an arranged list of topics. But once you are free to decide what to write about, you find yourself sitting in front of a blank page, biting your nails and always staring at the ceiling, all in a try to come up with interesting arguable topics.

Which topic is good enough for an essay? Which theme will be disputable? What do I have good knowledge about? What am I interested in enough to do a deep investigation? All these questions are a good start for your future essay.

Why Are Controversial Topics Good?

Writing about something people usually agree about is more like stating a well-known fact, repeating overused words and thoughts. This might be boring for you as much as for your teacher. Argumentative essay, on the contrary, allows you to pick up an interesting and hot topic, choose one side between opposing points of view and originate a completely new vision of a highly discussed subject.

Luckily, there are a lot of themes that lie ‘in between’ two major opinions. They are not marked with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ label; they can be treated both: good or bad. The only thing you need is the correct set of arguments pro or contra.

We have thought of some good debate topics for you. Feel free to use them as your own or as a basis to create new interesting arguable topics. To an each topic we will add a link to an essay example to broaden your creativity.

List of Most Controversial Topics On Education

Education is a good course to choose. You are definitely close to the topic, so you won’t need to wander around for a long time looking for ideas, questions, and arguments.

When you are looking for some inspiration, just pay attention to modern tendencies in the educational system, find some things to argue about, create a topic, be precisely argumentative and appeal to readers reason.

Beware of getting too emotional in your essay. As the topic might be hot and exciting for you, don’t forget to check your every argument and make it accurate.

  1. Online education lacks on quality.
  2. Primary school program should include sex education.
  3. High school should transfer to informal education.
  4. Education plays no role when it comes to getting a job.
  5. What should an ideal education be?

Topics For an Argumentative Essay on Health

Argumentative research paper topics covering health are abundant and highly popular. Every person on Earth is concerned about his/her health and, what is more important, everybody has a different opinion on what is healthy. Sport, diets, the amount of allowed fast food per month, energetic drinks, coffee, vegetarian diet, counting calories, drugs, alcohol, organic food, sweets, milk products for adults, and more. This vast variety of topics is endless.

Among all those topics look for something that is close to you. Your younger sister went on vegetarian? Explore the theme, and maybe you’ll find something reasonable in that decision. Your mother recently figured out that milk products are not healthy for teenagers and now you can’t find your favorite yogurt in a fridge? Try to find good arguments for that. You believe that professional sport harms health? Do your research and find that out!

We will show you what we have come up with, even though we believe that five topics won’t ever be enough.

  1. Daily physical activity is harmful.
  2. Child obesity is today's plague.
  3. Prohibition of public smoking should be more severe.
  4. Why can organic food harm?
  5. Cigarettes should not be produced and sold.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Nursing

Nursing is very close to health problems, but it also overlaps with social and moral problems. Most of the topics would be related to ‘to do or not to do’ questions regarding all types of medical care, operations, and life decisions.

Because of touching ethical dilemmas, these topics are perfect to choose for argumentative essay topics for college. You will have a lot of justifications coming up to confirm your point of view, and still, the topic will stay debatable.

Here is the list of some never-ending discussions on nursing.

  1. Pregnant teenagers should be permitted to do an abortion without parent’s consent.
  2. The job of drug testing should be prohibited.
  3. Mandatory tipping should be canceled.
  4. The danger of using drugs among young children.
  5. Marijuana legalization may lead to a better quality of life.

Proposal Argument Topics on Social Issues

Social problems are all about people and their lives within the community. If you look for something, you can easily describe you better choose one of the social issues.

This direction also offers a vast variety of options. You can think of any problem that is bothering society nowadays and be sure that your argumentative essay will be disputable.

Social inclusion of disabled people, immigration problems, capital punishment, gender equality, individual’s freedom and where it ends - each topic is highly discussed for years by now and still has no definite answer.

Here are some themes we designed to boost your imagination.

  1. Video games provoke aggressiveness among young people.
  2. Stereotyping poor people is an action against their rights.
  3. Authorization of capital punishment will reduce crime statistics.
  4. Communication skills are killed by Social Media.
  5. Same-sex marriage should be allowed in every democratic country.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Good argumentative essay topics can be found not only among problematic social and issues. You are always free to choose a theme that would be creative, funny and still debatable and controversial.

Thinking a bit out of the box will always please your teacher, and it probably will lead you to an interesting and exciting research. So, if you are looking for a theme, that will not only bring you a high grade but will also entertain you, you probably should choose something from the list below.

  1. How can the existence of aliens be proven?
  2. Why is gun control a bad idea?
  3. School should forget the word ‘uniform.'
  4. Harry Potter’ should become a popular theme for academic research.
  5. People should be allowed to bring their pets to a workplace.

Few Words on Choosing arguable topics

There are a lot of things to argue about. Practically every topic with some smart wording can be transformed into a good disputable thesis. It doesn’t matter how you will come up with the idea. You can use online search for inspiration, ask your friends and relatives on some debatable controversial topics or think of something funny but still worth to discuss.

The main thing you should rely on when picking up a theme to write about is your interest. This is the first and the primary pointer. For when you are excited about the topic, you will always quickly go through all the research and come up with loads of reasonable arguments.

Choose something you have knowledge about. It will obviously save you a lot of time when you are in a hurry. Social, moral and health themes are common for everyone, and they are good to be transformed into argumentative speech topics. They are known as areas of endless debates.

Don’t forget to make your topic specific. There is no need to choose broad or abstract ideas. You will lose a lot of time trying to prove your point of view. It is always better to create a statement that is arguing itself. After that, your only task would be to choose a side and come up with few short ideas to confirm you are right.

Think of something that refers to people’s emotions. People rarely argue on something that is rational or logic. When you think of an issue to write about, it is always better to pick up something emotional, something that will attract your reader and make him/ her invest into your argument. You should not forget to use the solid and rational argument to prove your point of view. But an emotional topic will win you few points in advance.

We hope you will have fun while writing your argumentative essay. And if you are looking for a good example to get inspired you can always use our database.

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