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Harry Potter - Essay Example

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The old concept of personality development - according to theorists - is that developmental changes are controlled by biological factors, i.e. nature. Our behavior "unfolds" over time, like a plant growing from seed to flower. (Lahey, 2007:316) Other theorists also advocate the "nurture" concept, i.e…
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Harry Potter
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Extract of sample "Harry Potter"

Download file to see previous pages The present concept of psychology states that nature and nurture combine to influence our actions, thoughts, and feelings (p.316). In other words, if someone has the blood or the genes for such a personality to develop, he must be brought up or nurtured for that kind of personality, so there can be a combination of nature and nurture for the personality to effectively come out.
According to the book, Harry Potter has roots in the Wizarding world that is composed of wizards and witches, both good and evil. This world also thinks that Harry will be a wizard someday. Or, to put it clearly, because of this blood that he inherited from his parents and from generations before, he is already a wizard (nature). But when the time comes, or when he's ripe of age, he has to be trained how to handle the traits to be a wizard (nurture), just like an ordinary human being, where one has to be trained and nurtured into what he or she wants to be. He has to be accustomed to the different techniques in the art of wizardry, learn magic and brew potions, etc.
There have been mixed reviews on the Harry Potter fantasy series with respect to the main character of the boy Harry who has grown to be a young lad with a great following. He is a victim of circumstances, but in this situation he becomes a part of a whole plot to destroy evil. He inherited from his parents power - in the form of magic and wizardry - and prestige. How he is built up and how he uses this, are the subject for this paper.
What forces cause Harry Potter to change as he passes through life What factors determine whether he grows up to be a wizard: nature or nurture
The personality of Harry is clear in the minds of his millions of fans. But to a few skeptics and reviewers, Harry's personality is quite hidden and questionable. Harry Potter may be hiding behind a closet, as what is shown in the early part of the story - he was kept by his uncle in a closet under the stairs. Could this be the thing the author JK Rowling have in mind regarding the boy's sexuality
Is Harry Potter a hero or heroine A sexual deviant or a bisexual Or is he just a normal boy who fought through the hard times and here becomes a hero seeking revenge against the evil that killed his parents
These things have to be asked in the light of how Harry is being brought up in such a difficult and sacrificing environment. The situations that Harry is in are not ordinary situations. Day in and day out, he is in constant danger. The family that pretends to be a family is not supportive, and continues to push him to the limit.
This essay will give an analysis on the many aspects surrounding the Harry Potter character, on how he became to be who he is in the story. Since this is a fictional character, we'll try to picture him as real or living - and not imaginary - as what the millions of Harry Potter fans regard of him.
"The Harry Potter books are one of the only things I have not grown out of because they have grown with me, they have seen me through my different stages, my ups and downs and it is with a heavy heart that I am now forced to leave them behind," says Mimi Newman, 17, an avid Harry Potter fan (
Since he is supposed to be real in this essay, we'll try to delve on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., or when he’s ripe of age, he has to be trained how to handle the traits to be a wizard (nurture), just like an ordinary human being, where one has to be trained and nurtured into what he or she wants to be. He has to be accustomed to the different techniques in the art of wizardry, learn magic and brew potions, etc. There have been mixed reviews on the Harry Potter fantasy series with respect to the main character of the boy Harry who has grown to be a young lad with a great following. He is a victim of circumstances, but in this situation he becomes a part of a whole plot to destroy evil. He inherited from his parents power – in the form of magic and wizardry – and prestige. ...
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Plot Overview
One night, Dumbledore, the head of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry reveals to his companions that Voldemort has killed Mr. and Mrs. Potter, and has failed to kill their son Harry. Dumbledore leaves Harry in a basket outside the house of Mr. Dursley. After ten years, the Dursleys’ son Dudley dominates the household and bullies Harry. Mysterious letters start arriving for Harry. Mr. Dursely shifts to a secluded island with his family. At midnight a giant Hagrid gives Harry an entrance letter to Hogwarts. Harry is then taken by Hagrid to London where they then shop for school supplies (SparkNotes).
The next month, Harry catches a train to Hogwarts...
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