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Aliens exist - Research Paper Example

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It is said that some biological events took place after its existence which led to the existence of the very first specie on the face of this world…
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Aliens exist
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Download file to see previous pages Hence the survival of the fittest phenomena led to the birth of human beings who are supposed to be the perfect specie on the face of this earth. Human beings also known as Homo sapiens created civilizations which are still known to the whole world. As time passed by it was discovered that the planet in which we live is known as the earth and there is a whole galaxy outside. Gradually it also became known that other planets existed in this world. Now the question arose in the mind of human beings that if other planets could exist in the galaxy then it was also quite possible that other forms of life also existed besides the Homo sapiens. Other forms of life on planets other than Earth were given the name of aliens. However it is yet to be proved that aliens do really exist or not. On this issue there has been a large debate going on in this world and several organizations have been formed to report any unusual activity which might be performed by powers outside this world. This argumentative essay would present the arguments from both sides regarding the existence of aliens and would provide a conclusion which would judge as to if the aliens do really exist or not (Caldwell 2005; Murray 2009; Brockwell 2008).
It has been reported that many unusual activities have taken place in this world which might be influenced by power residing outside this world. Many individuals have faced these unusual activities and report these activities to the relevant organizations. Some individuals put forward the claim that they have been abducted by the aliens while some put forward the claim that they had sighted a UFO near their house. However these findings have yet not provided a solid proof regarding the existence of the aliens. Brockwell on this issue provides with rather interesting information regarding the existence of aliens. According to Brockwell in 1966 a space shuttle was sent to generate electricity by the earth’s magnetic field. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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