X Files and the Existence of Highly Intelligent Paranormals - Movie Review Example

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The reporter states that existence of aliens and their impending motive to invade and colonize the planet earth has been a hot discussion topic in recent times. Moreover, critics disown the claims that telepathic beings exist generating an endless antagonism between optimist of the mythical idea and skeptics…
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X Files and the Existence of Highly Intelligent Paranormals
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The existence of aliens and their impending motive to invade and colonize the planet earth has been a hot discussion topic in recent times. While others support the idea of existence of extraterrestrial life, critics remain skeptical about the whole idea of alien existence, arguing on lack of evidence (Robert 161). Critics disown the claims that telepathic beings exist generating an endless antagonism between optimist of the mythical idea and skeptics. The series X-Files is a classic presentation and exposure platform for debate issues surrounding extraterrestrial life and UFOs. X-files film is a highly dramatized American science fiction series that perfectly exposes the antagonism that exists in the security network, with a particular focus on the FBI, concerning idea of existence of aliens. "Tempus Fugit," which is a Latin word for “time flies,” is the title given to episode 17 of the X-Files series emerges as one of the most important parts of the entire scientific series. The episode provides a crucial platform for critical examination and understanding of the overarching mythology of the X-Files series.
The episode focuses on Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who are both Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents. Scully is charged with the responsibility of handling paranormal cases. In this episode, the viewers come face to face with a strong proponent of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial life. The death of Max Fenig, who is an old friend of FBI agent Mulder, in a plane crash, invites suspicion about the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Agent Mulder has a strong conviction that a UFO tried to abduct his old friend, thus causing the plane crash.
Max Fenig is featured flying on Flight 549 over upstate New York. In the process, Fenig sees a mysterious man on the plane. The idea of existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life is overtly featured in this episode when a bright light hits the plane, indicating that it has encountered a UFO. When agent Mulder and Scully trace the crash location of the ill-fated plane, Mulder postulates that aliens were responsible for Flight 549’s crash. However, the NTSB team, under the leadership of Mike Millar, disowns Mulder’s allegations. The creepy idea about the abilities of aliens is displayed when Mulder and Scully discovers time discrepancy between crash time and the time indicated on the wristwatches of the plane casualties. Mulder believes that Max was abducted by aliens and that he will never be found. The idea of alien existence tantalizes human minds and souls (Harding 120).
The idea of existence of highly intelligent paranormals who are out to colonize earth through violence has tormented mankind as far as the history of science can be traced. “Extraterrestrial life is already identified with the complex of violence, technology and imperialism” (Supervert 188). Whether it is a mere advancement of myth or not, almost all societies have to some extent played part in advancing speculations about possible existence of extraterrestrial life. The subject of alien existence is not one that erupted over night, but has gradually evolved over centuries of contemplative human mind, with science working relentlessly at discovering and proving the truth behind the long dreaded myth. X-File’s Episode 17 of season 4 is a classic display of fears that mankind attached to the probable existence of aliens and attempts to prove that the much hyped myth is more of a truth than a speculation when Mulder dives in the lake and emerges with a dead alien’s body.
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