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Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Argumentative essay writing is one of the most popular, yet, challenging tasks of the college workload. This is not another essay on how I spent my summer, as here students should show their skills in searching for the relevant sources of information, analyze it properly, and then translate thoughts into words. Usually, students learn to cope with this task through constant practicing. So do not feel overwhelmed with the number of writing assignments as it is inevitable, get over it.

Believe it or not, but the art of writing such texts can be a huge help in the future. When you write such papers, you learn to discuss the theme and find the argumentation that can prove your standpoint to be the most convincing. Afterward, you can utilize this skill in public speeches or business discourses.

Coming up With the Best Argumentative Essay Topics

For the most part, the topic is given to the students, but some fortunate souls can choose the debatable topic to work with. Thus, they receive a possibility to write on a theme that is interesting for them, what’s not to love?

Woe to anyone who thinks that a couple of hours of surfing through the Internet will be enough to find tons of useful data for the research. Teachers do not want to evaluate your googling skill. They want to make sure that you can work with different sources of information and to cite them properly.

So be ready to search for information in:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Academic journals
  • Official reports

One visit to the library will help you to fulfill the task successfully; just do not be afraid to ask a librarian for help. If the theme is sector-specific, the search may become time-consuming, that’s right. If you do not want to waste time, you can take advantage of the custom writing help. Usually, pro writers have access to the great databases of research materials, and they can tell you where to search.

Argumentative Essay Structure

Any paper requires proper structuring to be readable. Otherwise, you will get the text that resembles a word salad. To avoid that, you have to create an outline before writing the text and stick to it. Thus, the narration will be fluent, coherent, and logical.

Still, remember, every type of essay has peculiarities in terms of structuring so that this outline won’t be appropriate for a persuasive or informative essay.

Here is a sample structure of the argumentative essay that you can use for future papers and essay samples:


Argument Paragraph X3

Counterargument paragraph


The hook

The main idea of the paragraph

The main idea that objects to the topic

Rephrase of the thesis statement

Background info



Summary of the main ideas

Thesis statement



Call to action

 How to Write Argumentative Essays: Tips and Tricks

Here are some efficient tips from professional authors on how to write a well-crafted argumentative essay on any topic:

  • A top-notch paper should invite discussion and leave an aftertaste.
  • If your topic offers a decisive answer, it is the worst topic for the argumentative essay.
  • Do not limit yourself by some local conflicts – think big.
  • Essay about politics is the most obvious choice if you need a sure-fire subject.
  • Want to grab the attention of the audience? Pick the issue that breeds ill blood between students and teachers, or the government and the community.
  • Some spheres should be avoided, as it is impossible to sound unbiased. For example, do not pick topics dedicated to religion, race, or gender.

How to make sure that the topic you have chosen will be interesting to the audience?

  1. On the front burner issue is the best choice.
  2. This theme has several great solutions, and it is hard to tell which is better.
  3. Not all people would agree with your arguments.
  4. This theme inspires you. An inspired author always adds a sparkle to the text, and readers can feel it.
  5. The theme itself has no clear answers, and you have to research it profoundly.

Never forget about the counter-argumentation in your text. When you mention the opposite point of view, you show respect to it, and it appeals to the readers. Also, you get a possibility to strengthen your standpoint by providing the refutation to the counterarguments.

As you can see, writing argumentative essays is a time-consuming and nerve-racking, yet, absorbing and interesting activity!


Yes, the process of academic papers writing is quite easy in words, but not in deeds. The truth is rather different. You may face a lot of challenges starting from scarce sources of information and to the writer’s block that happens even to the best of us. Now you understand the principles of writing such texts but do not want to waste time and write the fifth essay of this type in two weeks.

There is no need to worry! Professionals of the custom writing are here to help you! You can order a persuasive essay or ask our experts to edit your book review, and we will polish it to perfection. Do not hesitate!

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