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Distinction of the Academic Papers - Essay Example

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The author of the paper "Distinction of the Academic Papers" will begin with the statement that when studying at high school levels, it was evident that most of the academic papers were referred to as essays even when some of them appeared as mere articles…
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Distinction of the Academic Papers
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Download file to see previous pages The association of essay with experiments also gets its root from the same idea of attempting to explain something. Francis Bacon also attempted to emphasize the lack of empirical support of essay while attempting to establish its application in social sciences or arts. The key characteristic that draws a line or creates a distinction between essays an article depends exclusively on the writer’s assumptions, objectives, personal ideas, and style or structure of the literally material. A typical essay is not based on the fixed place or a given time limit but unlike an article, it thrives on the ground of its original content. Also unlike pale articles, essays insist on good and fluent language, in fact in the most excellent essays good language is not narrowly a medium of communication, but communication on its own. Some people argue that it is possible to distinguish the term essay empirically by the number of words, such that an essay is a piece of literature that has at most ten thousand words, while an article has less than five hundred words. Others argue that an essay has a more formal structure than an article. In a broad way the term essay, refer to a short piece of writing addressing a certain subject matter. On a narrow perspective, the word essay may be used to refer to a short written or typed literature material that is much based on personal but non-fictional ideas. Generally, an essay is a written or typed nonfictional short story, an academic article, an experiment or even a summarized piece from a book (Kemerling 1). In literature, the meaning of essay is fussier since it is closely associated with most pieces of writing, and can only be differentiated on content or context.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Meaning of Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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