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Ebooks use in the Academic Field - Research Paper Example

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The study analyses different issues concerning the use of e-books in the academic field. A thorough background history discussing how people have slowly diversified to using…
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Ebooks use in the Academic Field
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Download file to see previous pages Portability is also an advantage, which is clear, since it counters the bulkiness of paper books. E-books have various limitations though. For instance, some students considered e-books to be destructive and limiting since they cannot be highlighted while reading. Power failures are also a factor that greatly limits the use of e-books in the academic field.
For a long time now, the public has been trying to adapt to the current technology. Technology brought with itself a multitude of factors including both benefits and limitations. Individuals could now purchase items online since there were online markets. In addition, e-learning also emerged, which involved studying from home. Individuals could now take courses without having to attend classes in school. Therefore, technology has indeed entered the world in full force without leaving any aspect of life behind (Li et al. 2011). Different generations have been affected by technology since it touches every part of life. This brings in the issue of e-books. Previously, paper was all over the world. No one knew that there could be any other form of reading apart from the physical paper. Therefore, students would carry textbooks to schools and exercise books for writing. Although the technology had already manifested itself into the world, it had not yet taken over libraries. Libraries around the world were still fully stocked with printed books, books stores were still selling and publishers were still doing their jobs.
However, in the year 1971, out of a project named Gutenberg, the first digital library of books was created. In the year 1993, Apple Company also started its journey towards the innovation of digital reading (Li et al. 2011). In 1999, the Franklin EB-500 Rocket eBook was invented. However, the book could only hold 4000pages and its battery life could only last for a maximum of 33 hours. Therefore, the book was not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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