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Faarayha Khan
updated 9 months ago

Apply some of the techniques from the chapter on Memory to help you study. Describe specifically how you would use these techniques.

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1 Answer
updated 9 months ago

Which chapter exactly you are talking about? There are dozens of books on memory techniques, and you didn’t specify which one you use for your course. If talking about memory techniques, there are also loads of them, and you need to find those suitable for you. I’ll mention several general recommendations here in the list.

#1. Do your exercises

It is proven that exercising improves the overall performance of a person. Thus even 20-minute walk boosts up your memory, brain power, and gumption. Doing your exercises permanently (not only before an exam is due) will genuinely improve your health and study results.

#2.  Read out loud

This is a simple trick to make your senses work for you. When merely reading you activate only visual memory, when reading out loud activates both visual and auditory memory. Also, if you have time, close the book each once in a while and repeat the information with own words. You’ll be surprised how much it helps!

#3.  Teach Somebody

An old saying states, if you can’t understand something, try to explain it to somebody else. Even if you do understand what you read, try teaching the basics to a friend of yours. Fantastic result guarantee.

#4.  Associations

This always works, but only if you do it right. The association you build with the subject/object you are trying to memorize has to mean something for you. If that is a simple row of similar objects, you’ll get a mess in the result. Your association has to be deeply meaningful, clear and bright for you. It is one of the best methods, actually, but needs some time before you get how to use it right.

#5. Structure the material

Well, you might say it is already structured, but I mean the other thing here. When you learn something in the given order, you memorize only half of it. But when you re-structure the material in own convenient way, you get to remember more than 80%. Thus, next time try placing objects in chronological order, or order them by the name in alphabetical order, etc.

#6. Take breaks

A break from studying is essential for your brain to process the information, and thus, to memorize it better. So, leaving one single night for studying just before the exam is not the best idea. Still, even if it happened that way, take short breaks to walk out, breathe, drink tea and so on. 15 min every two hours is a good way to go.

Hope it helps. Good luck with your exams!

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