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How did the concepts, theories, lessons, discussions and exercises impact and enhance your understanding of Planning, Organizin, - Term Paper Example

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June 3, 2015 Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling How did the concepts, theories, lessons, discussions and exercises impact and enhance your understanding of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling? The concepts, theories, lessons, discussions and exercises presented by Jones and George significantly enhanced one’s understanding of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling…
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How did the concepts, theories, lessons, discussions and exercises impact and enhance your understanding of Planning, Organizin,
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, concepts on planning illumined one’s mind in terms of goal setting activites, including the need to develop SMART goals. As emphasized, the ability to design strategies that would direct the organization towards achieving a defined goal should first consider how goal setting was effectively established. The three steps involved in the planning process, explicitly stated as: “(1) deciding which goals the organization will pursue, (2) deciding what strategies to adopt to attain those goals, and (3) deciding how to allocate organizational resources to pursue the strategies that attain those goals” (Jones and George 9), have provided one with the guidelines to ensure that planning is appropriately implemented. Thus, the crucial function of a manager in terms of planning different activities and endeavors that subordinates must undertake would depend on the competencies, skills, and capabilities of the leader. It necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the resources of the organization (including the competencies of human resources), as well as the ability to address external forces that impinge on the organizations’ operations. ...
s made aware that organizational structure, which is supposedly the outcomeof this function, is “a formal system of task and reporting relationships that coordinates and motivates members so they work together to achieve organizational goals. Organizational structure determines how an organization’s resources can be best used to create goods and services” (Jones and George 12). Thus, it was noted that managers should be able to effectively discern the perfect match of utlizing the organization’s resources, and how much costs need to be entailed to maximize profits. The third relevant task of a manager – leading, was described as the ability to “motivate, coordinate, and energize individuals and groups to work together to achieve organizational goals” (Jones and George 8). More detailed theories of leading were discussed in the whole portion of part five: leading individuals and groups; and which were separately discussed in three chapters: Chapter 13: Motivation and Peformance; Chapter 14: Leadership; and Chapter 15: Effective Groups and Teams (Jones and George). There have been diverse leadership theories that tackle leadership traits, skills, and characteristics which make them effective leaders; leadership styles; motivational theories; and other contemporary leadership concepts – transformational leadership and even servant leadership, among others. One strongly believes that this function of management is crucial as it does not only focus on the leader to gauge the effectiveness in achieving defined organizational goals. It was, therefore, learned that there is a need to incorporate a comprehensive understanding of the subordinates’ personalities and competencies; as well as the situation at hand. The fourth task, controlling, was defined as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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