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Power can be defined as the ability to influence another person behavior, such that, that other person acts in accordance with your wishes (Dillard 7). Power creates dependency, for instance, if X has power over Y, the greater Y dependence on X, the greater power there is in…
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Read the article, and answer the question
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The Persuasion Imperative Introduction Power can be defined as the ability to influence another personbehavior, such that, that other person acts in accordance with your wishes (Dillard 7). Power creates dependency, for instance, if X has power over Y, the greater Y dependence on X, the greater power there is in such a relationship. This highlights the interconnection between leadership and power, and leaders must use incorporate power in facilitating achievement of their goals.
Theories on Power
Scholars suggest that there are two bases of power; formal power, and personal power (Dillard 12-19). Formal power arises as a result of presence of certain factors that acts as catalysts in the way an individual reacts to situations. Personal power arises due to individual knowledge or expertise, which an individual possesses and can act with authority due to this know how.
Formal power can either be reward, legitimate, coercive or information (Dillard 27). Coercive power involves infliction of fear to an individual, with threats such as low pay, to get a person to act in a premeditated manner. Reward power is opposite of coercive, and it involves promises of positive rewards for compliance with certain conduct. An individual in a position to distribute such rewards is viewed to have power over others. Legitimate power arises in formal organisation structure, representing the power a person receives as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy. Information power stems from a person control over information, which other organizational members do not have (Dillard 29-45).
Personal power can either be expert, referent or charismatic. Expert power is a powerful source of influence, which stems from possession of a special skill, or knowledge. Referent power arises where people want to associate with an individual who has immerse resources, and as result, such an individual can exercise power over them. Charismatic power streams from an individual personality and interpersonal style, such that other people exercises follower sensitivity over such an individual (Dillard 34-47).
Manager objectives in exercising power over different generations of a Company are to achieve set goals. Kate admits that 20 years ago, legitimate power had greater influence, because all she did was tell people what to do, and they executed without resistance. She points out that in the contemporary business environment, negotiations and influence plays a significant role in managing employees. This can be attributed to personal power, because expertise power is the most influential power in modern business world, and thus experts have to negotiate, so that they can exercise their skills in ways they deem more efficient (Dillard 47). Consequently, it is correct to state that IBM training program is consistent with this chapter.
However, IBM should incorporate other basis of power in their training program. Kate states that not everybody reports to her, which indicates there is delegation of power. For this reason, factors such as diverse cultural values, expertise power, and charismatic power need to be incorporated in their persuasion and influence program, rather than relying on the traditional formal power structure (Dillard 56). Influence and negotiation would be the ultimate tool for any employee whose manager wants him or her to do something against his or her will. This is because with negotiation, power resides on the best negotiator, and not defined by organisation structure.
From this case, it is evident that generational values continue to significantly change the nature of employer-employee relationship. This is because good employee relationships and collaborative effort is much valued in the present business environment as opposed to prior years emphasize on authority.
Work cited
Dillard, James P. The Persuasion Handbook: Developments in Theory and Practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2002. Print. 7-56 Read More
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