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The Use of Music in Sports - Article Example

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This essay discusses the presence of music in sport. No wonder popular music artists are maximizing the use of international sports events to showcase their talents. It views on a global scale and such venue will be advantageous for his/her professional growth as an artist in more ways than one…
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The Use of Music in Sports
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Download file to see previous pages Lately, however, music has found its way into sports, and things haven’t been the same.
The concepts of fitness and diet gained a lot of followers in the last decade. What was previously regarded as just a fad has become a way of life for the majority. Consequently, more people have become aware of the importance of engaging in physical activities, and thus, the interest in sports – in general – has correspondingly increased. In this light, music has made otherwise tedious activities like aerobics, jogging, ballroom dancing a lot more enjoyable, fun and exciting.
Thus far, the topic has been more on music and sports for the beginners. On the more professional level of sports, however, studies show that music can positively affect an athlete’s performance in his respective activity. In one study, music has been found to ‘be a facilitator to athletic performance’ and ‘allows athletes to disassociate from feelings of fatigue and perceived exertion rates’ (Sorenson In this manner, the athletes are pushed to go beyond their normal performance capacity and are always in their peak form as they go about playing their game. Music may not entirely guarantee that the athlete will do well but studies have shown that music does enhance the athlete’s achievement.
Music is also widely used these days in psyching up sports figures before, during and after the competition: that is, slow music to relax and reduce anxiety before and after, and fast ones shortly before the actual games. Most athletes utilize upbeat music – usually hip hop, rap or rock -- before a competition because it gets them pumped up, aggressive and energetic on the field (Sorenson, hence, the increasing demand for these types of music in the sports arena.
Who wouldn’t remember the songs “We will Rock You” or “We are the Champions” by the rock band Queen? Or Sirius by the Alan Parsons Project? Eye of the Tiger by Survivor? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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