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ABC Fitness - Essay Example

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In the case of ABC Fitness, three significant ratios are computed to measure its relative efficiency. The appendix shows the average collection period, inventory turnover, and…
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ABC Fitness
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Extract of sample "ABC Fitness"

ABC Fitness Activity ratios indicate how well a company manages to turn its resources into cash, revenue or profit. In the case of ABC Fitness, three significant ratios are computed to measure its relative efficiency. The appendix shows the average collection period, inventory turnover, and total assets turnover of the business organization. ABC Fitness has an average collection period of 10 days. Its inventory turnover is 10.23 while assets produced 1.79 times revenue. Please, refer to the appendix for the computation.

Average Collection Period = Current Accounts Receivables/Average Daily Sales, where
Average Daily Sales = Annual Sales/360 days = $2, 004, 016 / 360 days = $5, 560/days
Average Collection Period =$55, 514 / $5,560/days
=9.98 or 10 days
Inventory Turnover = Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory = $1, 446, 733 / $141, 350 = 10.23
Total Asset Turnover = Sales / Total Assets = $2, 004, 016 / $1, 117, 960 = 1.79 Read More
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