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Employees relations - Essay Example

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North East Health Care are manufacturers of medical gas equipment. The company has been established for over fifty years starting as a small family concern approximately five years ago, with the Shareholders injecting some capital, and under new management the company has seen rapid and continuous growth…
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Employees relations
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Download file to see previous pages The board of NEHC is made up of two Working Directors, the Managing and Financial Directors, and three major shareholders. The senior management team is made up of six Associate Directors and typically sees its function as that of directing and controlling the workforce to achieve economic and growth objectives.Changes in government which resulted in changes to the funding of the NHS, have in the past had a positive effect on NEHC. The last five years have seen relatively easy with limited competition from only three main competitors, in a specialised market. The export market continues to thrive on the sale of equipment which has become out-dated in the home market but is suitable in developing countries. New technology in production has resulted in soaring production rates and spiralling labour costs. NEHC feels it still has its roots firmly fixed in a 'family-like' Company where every employee is as important as another and everyone is treated equally. Management believe employees are happy and grateful for the opportunity to work in an expending profitable and caring company. NEHC have in the last two months produced for the first time in twenty-odd years, a standard Contract of Employment accompanied by a first ever Company Handbook for all staff. Contained in the handbook is the Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure, Equal Opportunities Policy, Sickness Policy, Holiday Policy, Company history and general rules. This is the first" time most employees have been able to refer to written polities and procedures and not left to guess implicit procedural rules. Even some substantive rules have in the past been only verbal or at best contained in a brief job offer letter.
Current Practice of Employees At NEHC
North East Healthcare has no explicit 'Employee Relations' policy. The board of NEHC meets monthly and the senior management team meets the day after. One board member recently wanted the Managing Director to look at the Investors in People award. The Managing Director is very against this route feeling it is "people outside examining how you do things and wanting to get inside the organisation, disturbing employees" and something that is not suitable for NEHC. However, despite the MD's reservations, the Company recently completed an IIP questionnaire. This demonstrated, on a scale from 1 to 10, how close or how far away from being awarded the IIP a company was, by determining which practices there are in place at present.
North East Healthcare scored 2 and this suggests that the board are a little out of touch as to how and what the day-to-day management of the employees entails or how the employees feel about the Company. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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