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Employee Relations Study Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Introduction Debates have been established with an aim of exploring various perceptions and meaning of term employee relations (Leat, 2001, 33). In this case, some scholars have argued that there are substantial differences between various perspectives towards employee relations…
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, this exploration prioritizes the individual, as opposed to collective relationship, which varies among companies based on values of management (Cradden, 2005, 44). Nonetheless, it is necessary to understand that relationships occur in a range of circumstances, different degrees and impinge upon relationship. For example, a legal context that involves a level of individual in legally enforceable contracts that prevail between employees and employers. Unitarism This is a perspective through which companies are considered to be an individual or groups sharing a common interest, objective and values, which are pleasant and integrated. On the other hand, the management has right to manage employees, legitimately and rationally, thereby representing organizations and interests of capital. In this case, this perception is considered to be a single focus of employees’ loyalty; in fact, this becomes a basis of establishing legitimate authority with the organization (Bacon and Storey, 2000, 407). Moreover, unitarism is a perspective, which is related to management’s supports and interests. Besides, it is a perspective, which has been attributed to ‘team’ approach. ...
Apparently, unitarist perspective focuses on the role management in establishing a situation where employees and organization are gaining, thereby considering alignment of their interests. In this case, this perspective is a compulsion for managers to surpass their managerial styles in the process of managing their employees' relations, thereby emphasising on leadership capabilities (Cradden, 2005, 44). Moreover, this perspective encourages managers to be convincing and influential leaders in the organization, thereby eliminating the need for a trade union. Unitarist perspective leads to an assumption that considers stakeholders to be rational members with aims of identifying common interests. Actually, this is a perception, which offers a steady rationale, which stresses common objectives to facilitate achievement of a stable employee relations system. Furthermore, unitarist perspective is in essence individualists in its approach towards employees’ relation; in fact, this works best for individualist in IR systems. There has been a shift of numerous IR systems from trade unions to individualist paradigms; thus, unitarist perspective has proofed to be significant in relation to this form of IR perspectives. Weaknesses of unitarist perspective Unitarist perspective has a limitation caused failure to realize that there are powers associated with inequalities between employees and employers. Moreover, the inequality between employees and employers leads to generation of diverse forms of conflicts in the organization (Kessler and Purcell 2003, 315). On the other hand, there are expectations that managers should exert significant power over ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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