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Employee Relations Management Style adopted by ACME Engineering - Essay Example

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The paper would involve the reasons or the causes behind the selection of the particular management style within the ACME Engineering. The study would also involve the evaluation of the particular style, based on the changing perspective of the British employee relations through 1980s and 1990s. …
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Employee Relations Management Style adopted by ACME Engineering
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Download file to see previous pages This management style reflects the personality and the perspectives of the manager. In this style of management, the subordinates become dependent over the leaders and they require more supervision from the leaders. These autocratic managers give orders to the subordinates and the subordinates are less trusted by these managers. This management style follows the McGregor’s X theory related to motivation towards workers. The autocratic management style also can be divided into two categories i.e. directive autocrat and permissive autocrat (Williams & Smith, 2010). Paternalistic The nature of the paternalistic management style is also dictatorial and the managers take decisions considering the benefits of the business as well as of the employees. In this form of management, the communication among the subordinates and the superiors is descending, but certain feedbacks related to the management, motivates and encourages for the better performance in the workplace. In this style of management, the managers pay more concentration to the need of the society. These are the managers who consider the employee opinion and they get influenced with the employee feedback for the management. In spite of the employee participation, the paternalistic managers feel that the employees need directions from the superiors to perform. This management style is related to the Maslow’s motivation theory (Lussier, 2011). Democratic In the democratic management style, the employees are allowed by the managers to participate in the decision making process. In this style of management the decision are taken based on the majority of the opinion of the...
The researcher states that management style is one of the most important and vital aspects of an organisation. Management style is the process of interaction in between the superiors and the subordinates of any organisation. Management styles are the featured ways to take necessary decisions and to relate to the managers, and the subordinates of an organisation. Management styles involve various formal as well as informal practices regarding open communication and close supervision with the subordinates. Management style assists in taking decisions by incorporating the views and opinions of the members and the people of an organization. Different types of management styles can be implied in an organisation based on task, business culture and personality, characteristics of workforce and leadership skills among others. Almost every management style has certain nature, methods, deficiencies and strengths. There are certain basic forms of management styles such as autocratic, paternalistic and democratic. These different types of management styles have different characteristics. In relation to the case study, it can be stated that ACME Engineering is an organisation which has also focused on an effective employee relationship, by providing several facilities and cultivating positive attitudes within the employees. The company, founded in the 1980s, has also faced the reformation related to the employee relation. ACME Engineering has involved their employees to take part in various decision making activities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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