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The Employment Relationships - Essay Example

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This paper “The Employment Relationships” will address the factors influencing the change in employee’s relations and give recommendations. Employee relations involve collective bargaining by both parties about grievances and appeals that arise in the course of employment…
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The Employment Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Employee relations ensure that a certain professional relationship is maintained between the employers and the employees and this helps to achieve adequate productivity and creation of morale and motivation among workers. Gennard and judge (2005) say that employee relations involve collective bargaining by both parties about grievances and appeals that arise in the course of employment. This paper will address the factors influencing the change in employee’s relations and give recommendations.
Since employees relations is an ongoing process, changes are bound to occur. Such changes include: change in the choice of communication method that the management chooses to use e.g. use of memos, briefing and so on. Change may also occur in the choice of payment method. It could be done in a performance-oriented way. Training and development employees could also change. Those are just some of the few changes that may occur.
A change in the schedule of working hours is among the major factors that influence working relations. Employees agree to work for several hours that are spread over a given period of time. This allows workers to perform their duties as expected and also have time to do their own personal things like care for their families, take holidays and so on. An organization that has a favorable working schedule for its employees has increased staff retention, absenteeism is reduced and there is also increased productivity. On the other hand, if an organization has a too tight working schedule it will be strenuous to the employees and this will lead to a conflict between them and the employer because they will not perform their duties as expected due to fatigue leading to a decrease in productivity.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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