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Knowledge of Organizational Behavior in an Organization - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents the knowledge of organizational behaviour. Organizational behaviour refers to the study of people’s behaviour and attitudes, at both personal and social levels, and the relationship between the behaviours and people’s interaction with each other and with their organizational constructs…
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Knowledge of Organizational Behavior in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Knowledge of Organizational Behavior in an Organization"

Essay: Organizational behavior Organizational behavior refers to the study of people’s behavior and attitudes, at both personal and social levels, and the relationship between the behaviors and people’s interaction with each other and with their organizational constructs. This defines two scopes of importance of the study to an organization, interpersonal relations among members of an organization or groups within an organization and relationship between an organization and its individual members. The two scopes therefore define a relationship between organizational behavior and management practices, employee relations and the organization’s structure towards a cohesive environment and operations (Schermerhorn 4).
Knowledge of organizational behavior empowers managers to understand employees’ emotions as well as reasons for employees’ behaviors for appropriate managerial decisions and practices that can control the behaviors and attitudes to achieve positive results. The knowledge can for example help a manager to understand reasons for employees’ rebellion towards development of a forum for identifying root cause of the problem for reconciliation. The knowledge of organizational behavior also facilitates understanding among employees by promoting tolerance to cultural and behavioral diversity. This is because it explains existence of such diversities and offers approaches for avoiding and managing diversity based conflicts. Employees’ understanding of an organization’s constructs also aligns their personal values and behavior to the organization’s policies, values, and expectations. Employees of an organization with established ethical values, for instance, adhere to the stipulated standards. Similarly, understanding an organization’s fundamental values and objectives identifies the organization’s appropriate structure for achieving the values and objective. An organization with diversified objectives such as provision of specialized but differentiated products would for example require a structure with line managers (Phillips and Gully 6).
Knowledge of organizational behavior in an organization therefore aligns management practices, employees’ relations, and organizations’ structures to the organization’s environment and operation.
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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 83.
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