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The role of intimacy at work: Interactions and relationships in the NHS - Essay Example

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Modernist paradigm is characterized by the existence of a complex network of relationships in the workplace. More specifically, in accordance with the most common practices, modernist paradigm has been related with the extensive communication and the simultaneous existence of emotions of friendship among the employees…
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The role of intimacy at work: Interactions and relationships in the NHS
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Download file to see previous pages In the case under examination, the emotions in workplace should be characterized as complex and difficult to be interpreted. It seems however from the events taking place that the modernist theory could be proved to be useful for the interpretation of the employees’ relations in both hospitals. However, in the first hospital the bureaucratic paradigm would be also an appropriate theoretical basis for the explanation of the employees’ relations. The main aspects of modernist paradigm can be highlighted mainly in the case of the second hospital where as it is stated ‘romance is in everyday part of working life’. However, under these circumstances, the aspects of the modernist paradigm presented are not so positive regarding its influence on the organizational performance. More specifically, in the particular case it is noticed that “it is generally expected that people will regulate their involvements themselves, and 'regulate' is the key word; one or two members were identified as not being able to undertake this, and were castigated for their poor handling of the situations that resulted”. In other words, the existence of ‘romantism’ in the workplace should be considered as a rather negative fact for the whole organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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