The social disruptions generated by terrorist attacks are largely due to the disproportionate attention we devote to them (Englehard/Kurzman 2006). Do you agree or disagree Why - Essay Example

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There are different forms of terrorism but bottom line, they all cause destruction and thus influencing the socio-economic status of the…
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The social disruptions generated by terrorist attacks are largely due to the disproportionate attention we devote to them (Englehard/Kurzman 2006). Do you agree or disagree Why
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Extract of sample "The social disruptions generated by terrorist attacks are largely due to the disproportionate attention we devote to them (Englehard/Kurzman 2006). Do you agree or disagree Why"

Download file to see previous pages This paper is in tandem with the former assertion and views social disruptions a result of disproportionate attention.
As it has been alluded earlier, the major aims of terrorism is to cause fear amongst people and hence vulnerable. Beyond the physical attack that occurs on the lives of the people, buildings and planes, terrorists intend to destroy not only the social and emotional fabrics of the people but also their economies (Moghaddam 2005). It should be noted that the victims of terror attacks are not just those who die or are injured in the process, but also those who, in one or another, get affected directly or indirectly. This includes the people, who lose their loved ones in the course of the attack, or have a firsthand experience regarding the horror of the event (Kruglanski 2004).
The physical impacts of terrorism include the causalities (deaths and injuries) and property damage. These impacts are usually the most obvious and are easily measured and given coverage by the media and other reporting platforms. The social impacts of terror attacks, on the other hand, are not obvious and include psychological, demographic, economic, and political impacts (Fromkin 1975). Unlike physical impacts, social impacts develop over a significant period and often it is difficult to assess their impacts upon their occurrence (Crenshaw 2011). Despite the challenges in measuring these social impacts, it is vital to keep watch on them following the fact that they often cause significant problems for the long-term functioning of the affected community.
People give different perspectives on the events that occur after terror attacks. Concerning social disruptions, some have the opinion that they occur because of either negligence or disproportionate attention on the part of the authorities to reach out on the affected victims. However, other people link the social disruptions that occur after terrorism to the human behavior that is in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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