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Contemporary issues in conflict and security - Case Study Example

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Many reviews and scholarly articles on the same issue have demonstrated that different conditions promote the existence of terror…
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Contemporary issues in conflict and security
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Extract of sample "Contemporary issues in conflict and security"

Download file to see previous pages Terrorism poses threat to societal gains as wells lives of the people in the society. The interest in discussing this issue lies in the fact that it conflict human security interest.
Crenshaw (2009:383), believe that the causes of terrorism fall into two categories. First, societal setting creates permissive conditions, which promote terrorism. Modernisation is one of the permissive conditions, which creates interrelated factors that support the terrorism activities. Communication and transportation are crucial to terrorism activities because they allow the terror groups to improve their networks and extend their activities across the world. For instance, train bombing in Spain in 2001, depicts how networking and transportation allow terror activities to expand their roots in the society. Crenshaw (2009:381), argues that terrorist activities observed in the historical Russia in 1890s and the modern terrorist observed in Spain in 2001 depend on modernisation in executing their ills. The fear that the society harbours today is potentiality of the terror groups, using the modern nuclear technology to execute their plots.
Crenshaw (2009:382), posit that urbanisation is an aspect of modernisation that create permissive situations for terror activities. The concept of terrorism in relation to urbanization traces its roots in 1960s in Latin America where urban war fair first appeared. She points out that cities became the central point for terror activities. Various scholars have given their explanation in relation to cities as target places for terror activities (Bjorgo, 2005:123). Largely, these arguments describe the urbanisation effects as weaknesses that create permissive conditions for terror activities in the cities. For instance over population create conditions of low lifestyle, economic constraints, among other factors, which lead to criminal activities. The criminal hideouts in the shanties permit the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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