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Are the united nations peace operations an appropriate tool for preventing the abuse of human rights during violent internal conflicts - Essay Example

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Both recent as well as the olden days wars, with war on terror inclusive, are still being fought, and violence, which is armed, especially in…
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Are the united nations peace operations an appropriate tool for preventing the abuse of human rights during violent internal conflicts
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Extract of sample "Are the united nations peace operations an appropriate tool for preventing the abuse of human rights during violent internal conflicts"

Download file to see previous pages What is the meaning of people who are not combatants? which kind of protection is available in times of civil wars?. To answer these questions, it is wise if one understood why United Nations Peace Operations were put into place.
The first step towards this is to understand the term peace operations. As such, it is a broad term in regard to its scope. It covers operations associated with peacekeeping as well as operations designed purposely to enforce peace. Such operations are usually conducted such that they support the efforts of the diplomats aimed towards peace maintenance. To be precise, the term is constituted of; peace building, peacemaking and peace enforcement (Solis 2010). The following discussion thereby, will critical evaluate the role that the law plays in situations of armed conflicts and further, it will illustrate how law gives guidelines on the conducts associated with hostility as well how it mitigates the fatal ends following the armed conflicts.
Moreover, it will demonstrate how the law provide protection to civilians not only in international conflicts but also to non-international conflicts. In most cases, the main organization mandated to establish and implement peace operations is the United Nations. In regards to the last six years, the UN peace operations has gone through evolvement and thus lately integrated to the most important and main tool by which the international community uses to manage those crises that can be said to be complex and which pose as a threat to global security as well as peace (Solis 2010). The beginning of the new millennium saw the number of police, military and the civilian recruited in the peace keeping operation of the United Nations across the world adding up to the existing ones to exceptional levels.
United Nations is a vital and efficient organization in dealing with the contemporary issues. It deals with issues such as; cease-fires, where they are called upon to monitor; Political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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