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The solution to piracy off the coast of somalia lies on land not at sea - Essay Example

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The solution to piracy off the coast of Somalia lies on land not at sea Introduction As far as common perception goes, piracy is one of the vestiges of the Middle Ages. In modern times, we usually find terminologies like pirate and dacoit been deported to myths and folk tales…
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The solution to piracy off the coast of somalia lies on land not at sea
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The solution to piracy off the coast of somalia lies on land not at sea

Download file to see previous pages... This is why, off the shores of Somalia, the threat of piracy has cast its frightening shadow. These waters being one of the international trade routes, the problem has become a head ache, not to the Somalis, but to global commerce. While trying to find solutions to this problem, all the focus has been on surveillance at sea. But this paper tries to refocus the whole issue upon the basic political realities of this nation which has become a constant breeding ground for pirates. The state of Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa, and is bordered on the west by Ethiopia, Kenya in the southwest, Djibouti in the northwest, while the waters of the Gulf of Aden lie to its north, and the Indian Ocean bordering its eastern coastline. Somalia was well known during the time of the antiquities, when it had successful trade relations with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon and many others2. Later in the 20th century, Somalia played an important role during Cold War, primarily under the Soviet influence. However, in the recent times the country has witnessed some of the worst civil wars, along with a rise in Islamic insurgency. Somalia’s present economic and political orders are in a complete state of disquiet, owing to the ceaseless civil conflicts. After 14 failed transitional governments, Somalia is now dubbed a “failed state.” Failed economic conditions and an unstable, volatile political order of this country, have forced many of its citizens to earn their livelihood through various illegal means. Of this, the maritime piracies off the high seas, near the Somalia coast, has turned into a major international problem, owing to increased instances of hijacking of large merchant ships by the Somali pirates, in a bid to earn ransom money. A common observation among social scientists has been that, “the Somali piracy ‘industry’ is a direct consequence of the 1991 collapse of the country’s last functioning national government.”3 In this article, my attempt is to examine the background that has led to this increase in piracy off the coast of Somalia, to study the present situation of this piracy and the various reactions of the international communities and to offer viable solutions apart from the sea-based conventional solutions. This analysis will also discuss various workable solutions as suggested by various naval heads and other international organizations like the UNSC, NATO, and EUNAVFOR; all of which primarily advocate that, results of naval actions would not serve to be a permanent long term explication; as most of the experts feel that the solution to piracy off the coast of Somalia lies on land, and not at sea.4 Discussion Statistical data show that “there were 115 reported pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia in 2008…[and]…of those attacks, 46 resulted in the seizure of a commercial vessel by Somali pirates. The average ransom for the release of hijacked vessels increased from $1 million US dollars in July of 2008, to $1.5 million by December.”5 These figures show the graveness of the problem, which is leading to serious implications on the future of trade and commerce, via the Gulf of Aden route. This route is used by, at an average count, almost 20000 ships annually, and records show that maximum number of merchant ships have been attacked by the Somali pirates in this region6. Owing to this risk many of the trading vessels have been forced to avoid this area and take a longer but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In a country characterized by homogeneous culture and religion, conflicts between clans and sub entities of the clans remain one of the most difficult challenges towards the establishment of a democratic state (Makinda, 1992, pp 34-37). Though the reign of Siad Barre was oppressive and undemocratic, it demonstrated the tragic consequences that an oppressive government dominated by one clan could have on the country that has numerous clans, each interested to get control of the state’s affairs.
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With the continued activities of pirates, not only shipping businesses lose billions of money but also the government. The same holds true for land base businesses where the copy right laws are violated. In 2009 alone, the International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC) received about 406 piracy incidences reported (www.icc-ccs.org/news/385-2009-worldwide-piracy).
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Piracy Off Coast of Somalia
In December of 1990 the capital city Mogadishu was under turmoil and fighting. In 1991 the Somali State collapsed under Siad Barre and he was forced out of the city of Mogadishu. (Ould-Abdallah, 2008). Since that time the country has been in further turmoil and disruption without any national solution.
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Land Power Versus Sea Power
This land power, he believed, would overcome sea power advantage. Taking it from the Long Cycle Theory perspective, the modern world conflicts have ultimately been between a land power and a sea power, with the dominating power being the ruler of the seas.
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Discuss the media representation of 'Somalian piracy'. Is 'piracy' an accurate term for what is taking place off the coa
However, as with many issues within our current time, the true definition of “piracy” is not entirely accurate with regards to the actions that small bands of thugs/fisherman/Islamists turned brigands of the high seas engage in. As a function of discussing and defining the term, this brief analysis will consider the traditional definition and means of operation that piracy has historically entailed and compare this to the actions and mechanisms whereby these individuals engaged in this supposed “piracy”.
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The Internet introduced a novel digital threat to legitimate copyright holders; and the illegal duplication of DVDs and CDs has proliferated, with Russia and a large number of Asian countries, emerging as the principal infringers (Mcclintock).
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Today piracy has developed as an international security problem, in recent times in the waters of the Horn of Africa, but the waters of China sea, India, and then Caribbean. Current studies prove that piracy become visible to an attractive
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Furthermore, an attack on an oil tanker could cause a major oil spill and, consequently, the devastation of the marine and bird life in the Gulf of Aden.
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A man speaking a lie actually deceives himself when he thinks that he has successfully deceived other people by giving untruthful statements regarding any specific matter. Lies
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The ships which suffered attack from Somali pirates include American, British, Australian and Indian. Somalia’s eastern coastal areas and Gulf of Aden were the major locations which were selected by Somali pirates for conducting their operations. For the last few
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